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Quests are a linear sequence tasks, once completed players can gain rewards such as items, skills, experience, or quest points. They are labelled with a blue star or compass rose Quest icon icon on the Minimap. Quests can be completed once, unlike minigames which can be repeated.

The Quest Journal on the interface has the complete list of quests and are coloured coded:

  • Red - not started
  • Yellow - started
  • Green - completed
Levels required
to complete every quest
Attack icon 20
Hitpoints-icon 10
Mining-icon 60
Strength-icon 50
Agility-icon 59
Smithing-icon 65
Defence-icon 65
Herblore-icon 57
Fishing-icon 62
Ranged-icon 60
Thieving-icon 58
Cooking-icon 70
Prayer-icon 50
Crafting icon 61
Firemaking-icon 50
Magic-icon 66
Fletching-icon 50
Woodcutting-icon 71
Runecrafting-icon 50
Slayer-icon 42
Farming-icon 49
Construction-icon 34
Hunter-icon 27
Quest-icon 176
Combat-icon 85
Stats 1186
Temporary boosts
may be used in some quests

As of 8 September, 2013, there are a total of 127 quests in Old School RuneScape (not including the sub-quests of Recipe for Disaster and the wish-list of the Odd Old Man from the Rag and Bone Man quest), offering a total of 246 quest points (including one additional quest point gained by completing the wish-list of the Odd Old Man from the Rag and Bone Man quest).

Players who have the maximum number of quest points are able to wear the quest point cape.

The quests requiring the highest skill level are:

Novice means the quests are labelled as 'novice'.

Intermediate means the quests are labelled as 'intermediate'.

Experienced means the quests are labelled as 'experienced'.

Master means the quests are labelled as 'master'.

List of quests in alphabetical order

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