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This article is about Lunar spellbook spell. For for the Treasure Trail reward scroll, see Charge dragonstone jewellery scroll.
Recharge Dragonstone

Recharge Dragonstone icon










1Soul rune1Astral rune4Water rune

Recharge Dragonstone
Recharge Dragonstone is a Lunar spell, requiring level 89 magic to cast. This spell recharges all enchanted dragonstone jewellery to (4) charges, excluding the ring of wealth, which must be recharged at the Fountain of Rune. Casting the spell will recharge all enchanted dragonstone jewellery the player has in their inventory. In order to cast this spell the player must have completed all of the Fremennik Diary hard tasks.


Spell cost
4Water rune1Soul rune1Astral rune300
Combo runes
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Mud rune1,160
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Steam rune624
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Mist rune368
1Soul rune1Astral runeStaff of water280
1Soul rune1Astral runeMist battlestaff280
1Soul rune1Astral runeMud battlestaff280
1Soul rune1Astral runeSteam battlestaff280

Cost AnalysisEdit

  • Cost analysis assumes the use of any staff that supplies water runes.
  • It should be noted you can do 27 per inventory with a rune pouch.
Item Material Required Material Cost (26 per inventory) Profit/Loss
Amulet of glory Amulet of glory > Amulet of glory(4) 1Soul rune1Astral rune Amulet of glory 459,466 5,024
Combat bracelet Combat bracelet > Combat bracelet(4) 1Soul rune1Astral rune Combat bracelet 443,762 5,986
Skills necklace Skills necklace > Skills necklace(4) 1Soul rune1Astral rune Skills necklace 449,274 38,200

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