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Redwood tree
Redwood tree
Members only? Yes
Logs Redwood logs
Farming level Cannot be grown
An enormous majestic tree.

A Redwood tree requires level 90 Woodcutting to chop down and grants 380 Woodcutting experience per set of redwood logs. Unlike other standard logs, players are not able to fletch these logs, due to them being too strong and resistant.

These trees are found exclusively in the Woodcutting Guild. Cutting Redwoods can provide a player up to 70k experience per hour. A Lumberjack outfit can be worn in order to increase your experience gained by 2.5% if the player has the full outfit.

Original purposeEdit

Redwood trees were a level 85 tree beyond magic trees that were voted on in September 2014, and failed to pass along with 2 other trees: a level 55 Arcania tree, and a level 20 Elm tree. It received only a 74.86% of the 75.00% votes needed and consequently failed to pass by a mere 131 votes.

As talked about in suggestions, the tree would more than likely only have appeared in very remote locations, such as deep jungles, or Mos' Le Harmless, and likely would have looked like a slightly larger yew tree, with red leaves, and a darker brown trunk, and the bottom row of branches cut off.

As with all the other parts of the tree, it appears it failed the vote mostly due to the effect the addition of redwood trees would likely have had on other skills than woodcutting. Likely being twice the value of magic logs, it would have affected woodcutting, firemaking, farming, fletching, and most importantly ranged with the addition of a Redwood bow 1 tier higher than magic.

You cannot obtain bird's nests from woodcutting redwood trees. However, you still can receive clue nests.

It, along with the other 2 trees, are one of the only polls ever considered for a "Re-Vote".

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