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Rometti's Fine Fashions is a store in the Grand Tree that is owned by Rometti. You can find him north-east on the first floor. He sells an assortment of gnome robes sets in five pastel colours. These colours are pink, green, blue, cream, and turquoise.

Some of these items are used in treasure trail emote clues.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Pink hat Pink hat 5 160 719
Green hat Green hat 5 160 658
Blue hat Blue hat 5 160 910
Cream hat Cream hat 5 160 905
Turquoise hat Turquoise hat 5 160 717
Pink robe top Pink robe top 5 180 919
Green robe top Green robe top 5 180 770
Blue robe top Blue robe top 5 180 866
Cream robe top Cream robe top 5 180 503
Turquoise robe top Turquoise robe top 5 180 495
Pink robe bottoms Pink robe bottoms 5 180 1,377
Green robe bottoms Green robe bottoms 5 180 483
Blue robe bottoms Blue robe bottoms 5 180 892
Cream robe bottoms Cream robe bottoms 5 180 1,040
Turquoise robe bottoms Turquoise robe bottoms 5 180 794
Pink boots Pink boots 5 200 899
Green boots Green boots 5 200 872
Blue boots Blue boots 5 200 865
Cream boots Cream boots 5 200 551
Turquoise boots Turquoise boots 5 200 843


  • Oddly enough, these robes fit human players and look almost identical to wizard or Canifis robes, despite the fact that they are made by Gnomes. This is in contrast to Dwarf clothing, which is (usually) too small for humans to wear.

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