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Rune may refer to:

  • Rune equipment, metal equipment made from runite, suitable for melee fighters, a complete set of which is often called "rune set" or "full rune" or sometimes, "rune full".
  • Runite ore
  • Rune bar
  • Runite metal
  • Runes, magic stones used for casting spells via the Magic skill.
    • Rune essence, the raw material that runes are made of, which players can turn into low-level runes via the Runecrafting skill.
    • Pure essence, the members-only raw material that runes are made of, which members can turn into runes (usually high-level and combination runes) via the Runecrafting skill.
  • RuneScape, the game that may be called "RS" for short.
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