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This article is about Treasure Trails reward. For Player owned house painted heraldic armour, see Heraldic armour.

Rune heraldic armour are pieces of the rune armour set that have a heraldic design on them. The heraldic armour pieces consists of a helm and shield and can be only obtained as a reward from Level 3 Treasure Trails. The helms and shields are equivalent, in stats, to the rune full helm and rune kiteshield respectively and requires a Defence level of 40 to equip. The heraldic helm is required for some emote clues to complete Level 3 and 4 Treasure Trails.


Full helmEdit

Helm Exchange price
Rune helm (h1) Rune helm (h1) 34,337
Rune helm (h2) Rune helm (h2) 22,531
Rune helm (h3) Rune helm (h3) 20,945
Rune helm (h4) Rune helm (h4) 21,887
Rune helm (h5) Rune helm (h5) 21,893


Shield Exchange price
Rune shield (h1) Rune shield (h1) 51,680
Rune shield (h2) Rune shield (h2) 44,615
Rune shield (h3) Rune shield (h3) 46,004
Rune shield (h4) Rune shield (h4) 45,180
Rune shield (h5) Rune shield (h5) 51,206

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