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Sinclair Mansion
Hemenster Seers' Village Catherby
Keep Le Faye

Seers' Village is a small settlement to the west of Camelot. The mighty city of Ardougne is to the south, and Rellekka and Sinclair Mansion are to the north.

Notable featuresEdit

Camelot Edit

Main article: Camelot

Located just northeast of the village, Camelot provides the closest teleport location.

Bank Edit

Before the release of the Grand Exchange the Seers' Village bank used to be a very popular trading spot. From here most Fletching items such as flax and bow strings were sold. The bank was also a popular trading arena for Treasure Trail rewards and rare items.

Trees Edit

Seers' Village is a very popular Woodcutting destination. In total, the village and close surrounding area contain 6 yew trees, 6 maple trees, 10 willow trees, and multiple oak trees.

Elemental Workshop Edit

The Elemental Workshop is accessible through the building with the anvil in it and is used in Elemental Workshop and Elemental Workshop II. The book containing the key to access the workshop (and consequently start the quest) is found in a bookshelf inside a house directly south of the workshop.

Flax Field Edit

Located to the southeast of Seers' Village is a large flax field for you to pick flax for Fletching. Located conveniently just northwest of here is a small house with a spinning wheel which can be used to spin flax into bow strings.

If players have completed the Kandarin Diary, the flax keeper will give players a certain amount of flax each day, increasing as the players completes more of the diary.

Beehive Field Edit

The beehive field is located southeast of Seers' Village. It's just to the east of the Flax Field. As suggested by the name, it contains many beehives. These beehives are used during the Merlin's Crystal quest by using insect repellant found in Catherby on a hive. Players may also be teleported here to help re-construct a hive in a random event.

Saradomin Altar Edit

The Saradomin Altar is located northwest of the Flax Field. Inside the Graveyard located at the front of this altar are several Yew trees for Woodcutting.

Poison Saleman Edit

The Poison Salesman loiters west of the bank in the bar and plays a role in The Fremennik Trials and Murder Mystery quests.

Forester's Arms Pub Edit

The local pub is one of the target bars in Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl. It is also a common place for players training their Ranged skill due to the fact that there are many Level 2 Men and Women in the pub with many tables to prevent retaliation.

Coal Trucks Depot Edit

North of the bar is a small building with several Coal Trucks inside it. From here players can retrieve all of the coal mined from the Coal Trucks, providing it was loaded into the carts at the Coal Trucks. A coal cart can hold up to 120 coal.

McGrubor's Wood Edit

Main article: McGrubor's Wood

To the west of Seers' Village, McGrubor's Wood is used in the Fishing Contest and Plague City quests. The residents will not let players through the front entrance so players will need to squeeze through some railings at the back. Be careful as Level 44 guard dogs patrol the area!

Courthouse Edit

Located south-east of the bank, the courthouse is instrumental in the King's Ransom quest. Here you defend Anna Sinclair, and strive to achieve a non-guilty verdict. The Courthouse replaced the Party Room with Jagex's update to Seers' Village. Many players complain about this. However, as it was moved to Falador, it is now f2p.

Related Quests Edit

Monsters Edit

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