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Barbarian Outpost Sinclair Mansion Warriors' Guild
Seers' Village
Sinclair Mansion is a large mansion that plays a significant role in the Murder Mystery quest. It can be found by a player by going directly north up the path that leads to Rellekka. Sinclair Mansion is also north of Camelot Castle.

Quests Edit

  • Sinclair Mansion is The spot of a murder which you can solve by doing the Murder Mystery quest.
  • The mansion is also involved in the King's Ransom quest

NPC's Edit

There are a total of 17 NPCs. These include:

Men and Animals Edit

Women Edit

Farming Edit

Though Sinclair Mansion does not have a farming spot is does have Cabbage, Wheat, and Potato respawns. It also has 1 Willow Tree, non-pickable flowers, and potted plants.

Clue scrollEdit

There is also a clue scroll that says "Speak to the staff at Sinclair Mansion." You need to go there and then speak to the maid, Louisa.

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