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Abbreviation Meaning
Cammy, Cam Camelot
Cath, Cathy Catherby
Cav Cavalier hats
Cball Cannonball
Cb, Cb lvl, Cbt Combat (level)
CC Clan Chat—Before Clan Chat was implemented, for Player killing in the old Wilderness it meant "change channel" or world, teams changing worlds commonly used this, e.g. "Cc 17". Can also refer to a Christmas cracker.
Chins, chinning Chinchompas, or the act of hunting/using chinchompas.
Choob A high-level player who acts like a noob.
Clue Clue scroll
Clueing Attempting to get a Clue scroll for a period of time, or doing a Treasure trail.
Clwars, clw Clan Wars
Cmb, Combat Combat (level)
Con, Cons Construction
CS CoinShare, Customer support, Clue scroll
Crash Stealing a person or group's kills at a multicombat boss (like God Wars Dungeon, or Dagannoth Kings).
Crys Crystal
CW, CWA, cwars Castle Wars, Clan Wars, change worlds (CW)

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