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Abbreviation Meaning
M, Mil Million (e.g. 6M = 6,000,000)
Mage, Mager Referring to the Magic skill, a player who uses Magic more than Range or Melee; an NPC Wizard; a player with 99 Magic; a player currently using Magic for combat.
Mage tank Player with high Magic and Defence.
Main A player's main character
MB Mage bank (the Mage Arena in deep Wilderness) or Mage box (used in duelling).
Maul Granite maul, Obsidian maul.
Mauler Player who uses a Granite maul, or Obsidian maul as their weapon.
Maxed, Maxing When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed Strength); when someone hits their max hit on a person (maxing); or when someone has a combat level of 126 – often referred to as "maxed cb" or "max melee".
M camp Mountain Camp
MD Melee Distance
Med (helm) A regular helm, after the old name, medium helmet.
Mem, Memb Member
Mep1, Mep2 #REDIRECT Mourning's Ends Part I and #REDIRECT Mourning's Ends Part II
Merching, Merch, Merchanting Usually means the buying of an item then selling that same item later on in order to make a profit.
Mith Mithril
Mlm Motherlode Mine
Mm Monkey Madness
MOM Mysterious Old Man (Random Event)
MSB Magic shortbow
Mta Mage training arena, north of the Duel Arena

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