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S Edit

Abbreviation Meaning
SC Skill capes
SOTD Staff of the dead
SSC Stronghold Slayer Cave
Safer Someone who heals at a life points value that is greater than the maximum hit of the opponent or in some cases eating to full lifepoints. Typically used in the context of one-on-one PvP Although, some use it in multi-way combat incorrectly.
Santa Santa hat
Saph, Sapp Sapphire
Sara Saradomin
Scimmy, Skimmy, Scim, Skim Scimitar
Seers Seers' Village
Sgs Saradomin godsword
Shilo Shilo Village
Short Shortsword/Shortbow
Skirt Plateskirt
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any Combat level)/more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively
Snipe To receive a desirable drop in lootshare, when one does not have the highest lootshare potential in the team.
SOS/Stronghold Stronghold of security
Spec Special attack
Spec (SS) Spectral spirit shield
Sq Square shield
Stl Steel
Str Strength
SS Saradomin sword, screenshot
Super sets Super attack potion, Super defence potion, Super strength potion
Sword Swordfish, Sword, or Longsword

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