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This article is about general slayer training. For high-level slayer training, see Slayer training guide (high-levelled).

Starting outEdit


Slayer master Duradel.

Usually you get tasks from the highest-level Slayer master that your Slayer level allows because the monsters they assign generally give more experience than lower-level Slayer masters. However, in some cases Nieve can give better Slayer tasks for experience and at a more frequent rate, but Duradel is sometimes better.

Access to Slayer mastersEdit

Requirements or quests for accessing different Slayer masters and areas include:

Slayer Master Location Requirement to use
Turael Burthorpe Any level
Mazchna Canifis Priest in Peril, 20 combat
Vannaka Edgeville Dungeon 40 combat
Chaeldar Zanaris Lost City, 70 combat
Nieve Tree Gnome Stronghold 85 combat
Duradel Shilo Village Shilo Village, 100 combat, 50 Slayer

Access to new tasksEdit

While some monsters can be found during a quest or in other locations, you still need to complete the respective quest in order to unlock them for slayer assignments.



With unlocking, you do not need a quest to access them. Instead, you pay with slayer points to get these monsters for your slayer assignment. Be aware that these task unlocks generally apply to high level Slayer Masters.

Slayer Unlock Monster task Assigned By Notes
Seeing Red Red dragons Nieve/Steve, Duradel Baby or Brutal red dragons can be killed instead
I hope you mith me Mithril dragons Nieve/Steve, Duradel Requires the player to speak with Otto about Barbarian training
Watch the birdie Aviansies Chaeldar, Nieve/Steve, Duradel Kree'arra and his bodyguards also count for this task.
Hot stuff TzHaar Nieve/Steve, Duradel TzTok-Jad can be killed instead if you take the challenge.
Reptile got ripped Lizardmen Chaeldar, Nieve/Steve, Duradel Can kill Lizardman, Lizardman brutes or Lizardman shamans. No favour is required for ones west of the Shayziens' Wall; 5% for lizardmen in the Lizardman Canyon and 100% for the shamans there.
Like a boss All normal bosses Nieve/Steve, Duradel Corporeal Beast not included. Assigned bosses are determined if you meet the access requirement(s).

Slayer LocationsEdit

While some slayer monsters are found in one or multiple habitats, there are dungeons throughout RuneScape where many monsters a slayer master can assign can be found.

Location Advantages Disadvantages
Slayer Tower Has various slayer monsters, some of them being less crowded due to other locations. Monsters on the upper floors are annoying to reach without high Agility.
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Has various slayer monsters, with most of them being found only in the dungeon. Can be somewhat annoying to reach the end of the dungeon without high Agility, some areas can be crowded.
Stronghold Slayer Cave Has a variety of monsters that medium/high leveled slayer masters assign, and close to a bank. A cannon can be used in most locations. Often crowded.
Catacombs of Kourend Similar to the Stronghold Slayer Cave, but with stronger monsters and in some cases, better drops than those found elsewhere. Somewhat far without teleports to the dungeon, and a cannon can't be placed in the dungeon.

Combat levelsEdit

Sometimes, slayer masters can assign you a task where you may be asked to kill monsters that you may have extreme difficulty fighting. Such examples include green dragons from Vannaka, which can be a very tough task for low leveled players. While baby green dragons are an option, there are a few requirements to access them. The player can speak with slayer masters regarding their combat level, and they will let you know if you have any handicaps on.

By default, slayer masters will assign tasks based on your combat level, essentially blocking tasks that are too "strong" for you until you reach the recommended level. You may speak to them to let them assign tasks regardless of your combat level. This can be changed at any time by speaking to them again.

Slayer Points and UsageEdit

Players will gain slayer points whenever using any Slayer Master apart from Turael. Slayer points can be used for the following perks/benefits:

  • Slayer perks
  • Skipping tasks
  • Banning specific monsters

Slayer PerksEdit

Killing PerksEdit

The only recommended killing perk to obtain is Gargoyle Smasher. High leveled Slayer masters will assign Gargoyles quite frequently, and players will save a large amount of time by automatically killing Gargoyles when they fall below 9 hitpoints rather than having to manually use it on them. 'Shroom sprayer can also be unlocked, but only if the player completes mutated zygomite tasks.

Task ExtensionEdit

Some tasks can be extended for Slayer points, which will greatly increase the number that you can be assigned if they give you that creature for a task. Only extend tasks that you generally do; it is a waste of points if you extend a task that you skip frequently or do not like.

Superior slayer monstersEdit

With the Bigger and Badder perk unlocked (requiring 150 Slayer points), several monsters have a 1/200 chance of attracting a superior variant of the monster. Superior monsters are stronger than their normal counterparts, typically having a higher max hit and new mechanics, but give a lot of slayer and combat experience upon death.

Activating this perk is optional, but recommended since you can toggle it off without penalty if you do not want to fight superior monsters.

Skipping AssignmentsEdit

A player may want to skip an assignment just for the sake of getting another one. If skipping an assignment, make sure that you will do this task again if a Slayer master assigns it to you; otherwise, ban the assignment again, or you will lose a large amount of slayer points in the long term.

Skipping assignments will cost 30 points, which can easily stack up if many tasks are skipped in one setting. At least 150 Slayer points should be kept to the side in the event that you get multiple assignments you do not want to complete.

Banning AssignmentsEdit

A player may want to ban several monsters for the sake of efficiency or refuse to do them at all. When banning a slayer assignment, you will not get that task from the masters that assign them until they are taken out of the ban. To ban a specific monster, players will require 50 Quest Points (up to 5 monsters can be banned), in addition to paying 100 Slayer points to block it. A sixth ban spot is avaliable only if the player has completed the elite set of the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary. If you decide to remove a monster from a ban list, you will not be refunded the points you used to ban them.

Before banning a selected monster, consider if you will return to them again for slayer (such as Black demons, then completing Monkey Madness II and accessing Demonic gorillas, which are far more profitable and count towards them), their location, and time it takes to complete an assignment. Good examples of monsters to block include waterfiends, and steel dragons.

Banning assignments should only be done for Nieve and Duradel, as the lower Slayer masters will not assign most of the monsters that they will have.

If you decide to stop doing assignments which are toggleable, consider if you will do the task again. If you will not do those tasks anymore, toggle the task off. This will essentially act as a "block", allowing you to block other undesired monsters if needed.

Fast AccessEdit

The following transportation methods help slayers get to their tasks faster.

Recommended itemsEdit

Bring the best equipment you can afford when completing slayer tasks.


Primary weapons are used for general slayer training against a task that doesn't require the player to use another weapon. Secondary weapons are weapons that should/need to be used against specific tasks; for example, a metal dragon task can be completed faster with melee if using a Zamorakian hasta, and of course, Kurask and Turoths require leaf-bladed weapons to be harmed with melee.

A special weapon is one that should be carried alongside your tasks to help speed up kills slightly. Halberds are only useful against 2x2 or larger monsters.

Primary weapon Secondary weapon Special weapon Others
Abyssal whip > Dragon scimitar Zamorakian hasta > Abyssal dagger, Leaf-bladed battleaxe/Leaf-bladed sword Saradomin godsword > Crystal halberd > Dragon halberd > Dragon dagger Abyssal bludgeon > Staff of the dead

Armour helps define how well you can last in the area without having to rebank for supplies. Primary armour is armour that you will use for most tasks; secondary is for tasks that you might need something else for. The slayer mask consists of several separate components used for other tasks (nosepeg, earmuffs, face mask); bring that if you have one to benefit from increased bonuses.

Primary armour Secondary armour

Slayer helmet (i) > Slayer helmet > Black mask (i) > Black mask
Amulet of torture > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Bandos chestplate/Fighter torso > Barrows platebody
Bandos tassets > Barrows platelegs
Dragon defender > Toktz-ket-xil
Primordial boots > Dragon boots > Rune boots
Barrow gloves > Dragon gloves > Rune gloves
Fire cape > Obsidian cape
Berserker ring (i) > Berserker ring

Facemask (Dust devils)
Nosepeg (Aberrant/Deviant spectres)
Earmuffs (Banshees/Twisted Banshees)
Elemental shield/Mind shield/Dragonfire shield (Skeletal Wyverns)
Proselyte hauberk > Initiate hauberk (prayer)
Proselyte tassets > Initiate cuisse (prayer)

Note: Elemental/Mind shields require completion of Elemental Workshop I/Elemental Workshop II to wield. If you have a Dragonfire shield, you do not need the elemental workshop shields; take the Dragonfire shield instead.


Tasks can also be ranged for steady experience. Ranged allows for some extra grace time, as most monsters typically melee and can be safespotted.

Primary weapon
Toxic blowpipe (fill with steel/Mithril darts if low defense, adamant/Rune dart if high defense)

Armadyl crossbow > Rune crossbow (Broad bolts as ammo, Diamond bolts (e) if high defense monster)

Primary equipment
Slayer helmet (i)
Armadyl chestplate > Karil's leathertop > Blessed dragonhide body

Armadyl chainskirt > Karil's leatherskirt > Blessed chaps
Odium ward > Book of law > Unholy book
Pegasian boots > Blessed boots > Snakeskin boots
Barrows gloves > Dragon gloves > Rune gloves
Ranging cape > Ava's accumulator > Ava's attractor
Archers ring (i) > Archers ring


Magic is generally avoided when completing tasks, as most monsters do not provide enough money with their drops to cover the supply costs. Generally, magic is only used on very few occasions, such as metal dragons, cave krakens, and bursting/barraging monsters.

Use the best magic gear you can afford.

Primary weapon
Trident of the swamp (single-target)
Master wand > Ancient staff (multi-target)
Slayer Staff (e) (single-target)
Primary armour
Ahrim's robetop > Mystic robe top

Ahrim's robeskirt > Mystic robe bottom
Arcane spirit shield > Malediction ward > Unholy book > Ancient book
Eternal boots > Infinity boots > Mystic boots
Tormented bracelet > Barrow gloves > Dragon gloves
God capes
Seers ring (i) > Seers ring

Void vs Slayer helmet (i)Edit

Void provides a 20% Ranged damage bonus (10% boost to Range + 10% boost to Ranged Strength = 20% damage boost), but only a 10% boost to accuracy. This means that for low defence monsters, you should use Void. On higher defence tasks, such as metal dragons, you may find the slayer helmet (i) to be more useful than void.

Player-Owned HousesEdit

Player-owned houses are a big asset for Slayer training, though it does take considerable input to get the required Construction levels.

At level 50, portal chambers can be built. The portals can then be constructed and set to teleport to various destinations around RuneScape, covering many of the teleports that the spellbooks have. You need to have the respective Magic level and other requirements completed to attune a portal to a specific location.

At level 90 Construction, the Ornate rejuvenation pool can be built, regenerating the player's special attack energy, run energy, prayer points, reduced stats and health when interacted with. This saves a lot of supplies if you use the house a lot.

At level 95 Construction, you can build the Spirit tree & fairy ring. This provides the perks of both the spirit tree and fairy ring at once, which when combined with the ornate rejuvenation pool will save lots of supplies and essentially allows you to reach anywhere in RuneScape without having to use other items.

Location Advantages Disadvantages
Rimmington Close to Mudskipper point for mogre, ice warrior and skeletal wyvern tasks. Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Fairy ring code AIQ teleports directly to Mudskipper point.

Taverley Somewhat close to Trollheim for troll, spiritual mage, spiritual ranger, and spiritual warrior tasks.

Close to the Heroes Guild and Taverley Dungeon for blue dragon tasks.
Close to Burthorpe Slayer master for reassignment of tasks.

The Games necklace and Trollheim tablet teleports closer to all these locations (except blue dragons).
Great Kourend Somewhat close to one of the entrances to the Catacombs of Kourend. The Teleport to Kourend option/"Xeric's Heart" teleport from Xeric's talisman is significantly faster.
Pollnivneach Close to the Smoke Dungeon. The Camulet is somewhat slower but cheaper.

Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Rellekka Quick access to Lunar Isle for a spellbook swap.

Close to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.
Close to the Lighthouse for dagannoth tasks.
Close to Waterbirth Island Dungeon for high-level dagannoth kills (level 90 Dagannoth and Dagannoth Kings).
Close to Brine rats.

Far from a Slayer Master to exchange slayer points.

Enchanted lyre teleports close to POH portal.
Fairy rings are faster to Brine rats.
Games necklace is closer to the Lighthouse dagannoths.
A player on the Lunar spellbook can simply use the Moonclan Teleport to get to Lunar Isle.

Brimhaven Close to the Brimhaven Dungeon

Fastest way to Duradel without the use of the NPC Contact or any means of teleportation such as Karamja Gloves 3 other than using the spirit tree patch followed by the cart-ride. Close to bank.

Few non-Slayer uses.
Yanille Close to blue dragons and greater demons in the Ogre Enclave. Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Watchtower teleport/Castle Wars teleport with the Ring of Dueling is relatively close.

Quest experienceEdit

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