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This article is about general slayer training. For high-level slayer training, see Slayer training guide (high-levelled).

Starting outEdit


Slayer master Duradel.

Usually you get tasks from the highest-level Slayer master that your Slayer level allows because the monsters they assign generally give more experience than lower-level Slayer masters. However, in some cases Nieve can give better Slayer tasks for experience and at a more frequent rate, but Duradel is sometimes better.

Access to Slayer mastersEdit

Requirements or quests for accessing different Slayer masters and areas include:

Slayer Master Location Requirement to use
Turael Burthorpe Any level
Mazchna Canifis Priest in Peril quest, 20 combat
Vannaka Edgeville Dungeon 40 combat
Chaeldar Zanaris Lost City quest, 70 combat
Nieve Tree Gnome Stronghold 85 combat
Duradel Shilo Village Shilo Village (quest), 100 combat, 50 Slayer

Access to new tasksEdit

While some monsters can be found and killed normally (e.g Dagannoth in Waterbirth Island Dungeon), you will still need to complete the respective quest for slayer masters to assign them.

Combat levelsEdit

Sometimes, slayer masters can assign you a task where you may be asked to kill monsters that you may have extreme difficulty fighting. Such examples include green dragons from Vannaka, which can be a very tough task for low leveled players. While baby green dragons are an option, there are a few requirements to access them. The player can speak with slayer masters regarding their combat level, and they will let you know if you have any handicaps on.

By default, slayer masters will assign tasks regardless of your combat level. You may speak to them to let them assign tasks based on your combat level, essentially blocking tasks that are too "strong" for you until you reach the recommended level. This can be changed at any time by speaking to them again.

Slayer Points and UsageEdit

Players will gain slayer points whenever using any Slayer Master apart from Turael. Slayer points can be used for the following perks/benefits:

  • Slayer perks
  • Skipping tasks
  • Banning specific monsters

Slayer PerksEdit

Killing PerksEdit

The only recommended killing perk to obtain is Gargoyle Smasher. High leveled Slayer masters will assign Gargoyles quite frequently, and players will save a large amount of time by automatically killing Gargoyles when they fall below 9 hitpoints rather than having to manually use it on them. Other killing perks are not recommended because such Slayer masters do not assign them.

Task Extension/UnlocksEdit

Players have the option to extend/unlock tasks by unlocking them with Slayer points. They can be unlocked even if the player does not meet the requirements to kill them, although this is only recommended once the player reaches the Slayer level needed to attack them.

By unlocking tasks, Slayer masters will be able to assign those monsters to you. Such examples include the TzHaar tasks in which the player can attempt to defeat Tz-Tok Jad for a massive chunk of slayer experience.

With extending tasks, whenever a Slayer master assigns it to you, they will increase the numbers greatly. For example, whenever they assign the player Skeletal Wyverns, they are usually in low quantities, varying around 5-10 under normal circumstances from Nieve/Steve. If you buy the perk, the amount they will assign you will increase greatly, ranging anywhere from 45-80 on a task.

Skipping AssignmentsEdit

A player may want to skip an assignment just for the sake of getting another one. If skipping an assignment, make sure that you will do this task again if a Slayer master assigns it to you; otherwise, ban the assignment again, or you will lose a large amount of slayer points in the long term.

Skipping assignments will cost 30 points, which can easily stack up if many tasks are skipped in one setting. At least 150 Slayer points should be kept to the side in the event that you get an assignment you do not want to complete.

Banning AssignmentsEdit

A player may want to ban several monsters for the sake of efficiency or refuse to do them at all. When banning a slayer assignment, you will not get that task from the masters that assign them until they are taken out of the ban. To ban a specific monster, players will require 50 Quest Points (up to 4 monsters can be banned), in addition to paying 100 Slayer points to block it. A fifth ban spot is avaliable only if the player has completed the elite set of the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary. If you decide to remove a monster from a ban list, you will not be refunded the points you used to ban them.

Before banning a selected monster, consider if you will return to them again for slayer (such as Black demons, then completing Monkey Madness II and accessing Demonic Gorillas, which are far more profitable and count towards them), their location, and time it takes to complete an assignment. A good example would be Waterfiends, which are relatively strong and have poor drops.

Banning assignments should only be done for Nieve and Duradel, as the lower Slayer masters will not assign most of the monsters that they will have.

Getting to Slayer monsters quicklyEdit

The following transportation methods help slayers get to their tasks faster.

Recommended itemsEdit

Melee weaponsEdit

The following weapons are suggested to use on general tasks.

  • Abyssal whip - works outstandingly when combined with a defender for most tasks; a reliable one-handed weapon with good slash attack, good Strength bonus, that does not degrade; good for training Attack and Defence.
  • Dragon scimitar - a cheaper alternative for training Strength; one-handed slash weapon, inferior to the whip, although the whip cannot train strength specifically.
  • Staff of the Dead - An expensive, but highly efficient weapon to train Strength with, known as one of the the best weapon for training Strength
  • Abyssal Dagger - A fast, but expensive one-handed weapon to train Strength with. It uses stab attacks and can be poisoned.
  • Abyssal Bludgeon - A fast, 2-handed crush weapon. Very expensive, however arguably the best strength training weapon in the game.
  • Zamorakian hasta - a fast and flexible melee weapon; stab attack for dragons tasks and crush attack for waterfiend and gargoyle tasks.
  • Saradomin sword - same slash attack as the abyssal whip, but is a two-handed weapon; superior to the dragon scimitar.; secondary crush attack for waterfiend tasks. It is slightly better than the Zamorakian spear for Waterfiends, but worse than its hasta version. It can be used to train Strength.
  • Dragon dagger - a decent special attack weapon. Can be poisoned.
  • Saradomin godsword - mainly used for the special attack that restores Hitpoints by 1/2 of the damage dealt and Prayer by 1/4 dealt (50% drain). It may be replaced by simply bringing prayer potions, food, or using Guthan's.
  • Leaf-bladed sword - one-handed weapon primarily used for killing Turoths (55 Slayer required) and Kurasks (70 Slayer required).
  • Dwarf multicannon - for faster killing in multicombat areas; moderately expensive to use but usually speeds tasks and experience up considerably; faster kill rates mean time saved that could have been spent doing more Slayer or making money to make up for the cost of cannonballs. Although higher leveled players would find cannoning all possible tasks to be the most efficient route, lower leveled players or those on a budget should consider cannoning only the tasks in multicombat (Dagannoths, Hellhounds, Aberrant spectres, Suqahs and Kalphites). Keep in mind that cannoning also trains Ranged. It is efficient to cannon reasonably slow or tedious tasks, but cannoning a task alone is not recommended.

Melee armourEdit

  • Black mask, Slayer helmet, or Slayer helmet (i) - they give a 15% increase to Strength and Attack when slaying the assigned monsters (a Slayer helmet (i) also gives a 15% increase to Ranged and Magic). A Slayer helmet incorporates all Slayer headgear effects and has the melee Defence bonus of a rune full helm.
  • Prayer-boosting armour (like Proselyte armour). Proselyte cuisse or tasset offer +2 more prayer than Verac's plateskirt, although Verac's plateskirt offers much higher Defence. Higher leveled players will find that substituting prayer armour for armour such as Bandos or Fire cape will be more efficient since once can just substitute the prayer bonus of the prayer armour with an extra prayer potion, leaving the spaces free for armour that increases damage dealt.
  • Salve amulet (e) - provides a 20% boost instead. Neither stacks with the Black mask/Slayer helmet effect - only the larger boost takes effect. An amulet of fury will be better than the Salve Amulet (e).
  • Amulet of fury - the general amulet of choice, with the other being amulet of glory for a cheaper alternative. It has higher Strength, Prayer, and Defence compared to the amulet of glory.
  • Fire cape - The fire cape is generally the best cape for slayer, with its high attack, defence, and strength bonuses.
  • Dragon defender - the single most useful item in the shield slot for slayer. The +25 stab, +24 slash and +23 crush bonus as well as its +6 strength bonus will increase damage output.
  • Dragonfire shield - gives great defence bonus and +7 strength bonus. It is recommended to use for dragon tasks. It is typically only used when defence is crucial in a task, and one cannot tank the damage alone with food, which is very rare, and never happens with higher levelled players.
  • Barrows gloves - the Barrows gloves provide the best stats for any pair of gloves in the game.
  • Primordial boots - Primordial boots give decent defence and strength bonus and should be preferred over any other pair of boots.
  • Berserker ring or Berserker ring (i) - the former gives a +4 strength bonus while the latter gives a +8 strength bonus. The berserker ring (i) would generally be the best ring to use in Slayer.
  • Any Barrows armour top and bottom - gives good melee and range defence bonus. Guthan's set is an option as it eliminates the need for food during tasks, although this often slows down a task and other healing methods would be preferable. Guthan's platebody is cheaper than Dharok's or Torag's platebody while providing the same defence bonus. Verac's plateskirt offers the same defence of Dharok or Torag's platelegs, but with a prayer bonus.
  • Bandos chestplate and Bandos tassets - gives good melee and good range defence bonus and also a little strength and prayer bonus. Unlike Barrows armour, it doesn't degrade. The strength bonus is superior to the prayer bonus of a piece of proselyte armour for higher leveled players who can easily afford both the armour and the extra prayer potions. The Bandos Chestplate can easily be substituted with a Fighter Torso which gives the same Strength bonus, however less defensive and prayer bonuses.

Magic defence armourEdit

This armour is useful for Slayer monsters that use magic-based attacks, such as Bloodvelds or Pyrefiends.

  • Dragonhide armour - provides excellent and inexpensive magic defence, especially Black d'hide armour. Blessed d'hide armour give's the same offensive and defensive stats as Black d'hide armour, however gives a +1 prayer bonus per piece
  • Karil's set is a much more expensive option, but has slightly better magic defence than Black dragonhide armour although less melee defence and degrades.
  • Armadyl armour is the highest mage defence bonus in the game but is also very expensive, and has a negative melee bonus.
  • Infinity boots have a +5 magic defence bonus. Silly jester boots give the same bonus.
  • Void Knight equipment may also be used as it gives only +3 less magic defense than Black dragonhide armour yet can be worn at 42 Ranged. However, it does require level 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and also 22 Prayer, in addition to being somewhat tedious to obtain the parts.


  • Dragonfire shield - provides excellent defense bonuses. While it does not give any attack bonuses, it does provide a lot of melee and ranged defense when charged, and has a similar strength bonus to the dragon defender. It is useful for skeletal wyvern tasks, as the dragonfire shield serves as a superior version of the elemental shield/mind shield when charged (in addition to the strength bonus)


Before going on a Slayer task, restore health to its maximum using cheap food or other methods. Consider your task's level, its environment, how much space you need for drops, your combat levels, how much you're willing to spend on food, and what equipment you will use, to determine which food(s) to bring and how much of it. Consider if there are food sources where you will be going. However, do not rely on food drops, if the monster you are assigned can drop them to sustain you.

You may want to bring the following items to help extend your stay:

  • A full guthan's set can be used for those who cannot afford the Saradomin godsword or will not use the Toxic blowpipe. It is rather cheap to maintain for most players and heals whatever you hit when the set effect activates. However, do not completely rely on the set's effect to recover lost health, as the healing ratio is random. Only use the set when you need to recover hitpoints and you are running out/have no food.
  • A Saradomin godsword can be used to heal both health and prayer points if it hits your target. However, due to the high price of the godsword, it would be better to use a set of Guthan's instead despite it's random healing potential due to being far more cheaper.
    • The Toxic blowpipe also has a similar effect at a far lower cost, although it does not have a minimum heal and does not restore prayer points.

Other useful itemsEdit

  • Dramen staff or Lunar staff. You don't have to finish the whole Fairy Tale II quest, just do it until the middle when you are allowed to use the rings. These are not needed with completion of the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.
  • Enchanted Gem, Slayer ring or a Slayer helmet can be used to check how many kills you have left in your assignment. The Slayer ring also provides teleport to several locations. The Rellekka Slayer Caves teleport bring the player close to a fairy ring. The Stronghold Slayer Cave will bring the player close to Nieve and the cave.
  • Combat stat-boosting potions (such as a Super set). These are a must-have for slayer. The time saved from using these will easily compensate for the price of the potions. For some people, extreme or super defence potions are not needed, since they can tank the damage with Bandos or Barrows armour alone. In that case, don't bring it.
  • A fast method of teleportation. A house tab is a good idea, since it takes up one inventory space, is stackable, and can take you to your house, which may contain many teleports and an altar.
  • Karamja gloves 3 can be useful for accessing Duradel, using the Shilo Village gem mine teleport. It also gives free entry into Brimhaven Dungeon if you're planning to kill monsters there.
  • Bones to Peaches is useful for monsters that drop bones, for those desperate for food.
  • Energy potions and/or Super energy potions for getting around quickly.
  • Holy wrench - Boosts the amount that prayer restoring potions regenerate. It is worth bringing for tasks with empty inventory spaces left over.
  • Pollnivneach tablet - This provides a fast way to get to the Smoke Dungeon for those who have a Dust Devil task.
  • Runes for NPC Contact - Allows the player to quickly get a new task after finishing one.
  • Slayer ring - Allows fast teleport to Nieve and is the quickest teleport to the Stronghold Slayer Cave. The teleport is also close to a bank and a fairy ring.
  • Dwarf multicannon and Cannonballs - for faster killing no matter where the player is at. However, the player should be aware that not every area is cannon-friendly, and that although it will speed up long tasks such as Black demons greatly, it will also result in net loss of profit which can easily deplete the player's bank very quickly, especially if they are not that rich. It should only be used for reasonably long tasks such as the example mentioned above or in multi-combat areas.

Ranging armour and weaponsEdit

Please keep in mind that if you already have 99 ranged, meleeing your tasks would be much more efficient, since meleeing is generally cheap and more efficient if maxed ranged, however you could choose to Ranged tasks that are faster with Ranged than melee.

Equipment Slot Recommended Items
Head Slayer helmet (i) > Armadyl helmet > Robin hood hat >

Other coifs with decent ranging bonus

Amulet Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory

Other amulets with decent ranging bonus

Cape slot Ava's Accumulator > Ava's attractor
Ammo Broad bolts > Emerald bolts (e) > Mithril bolts

Weapon poison will help get you slayer XP faster, although you will not get ranged XP for poison damage.
(Depends on your weapon)

Body Armadyl chestplate > Karil's leathertop > Black d'hide body >

Other bodies with decent ranging bonus

Legs Armadyl chainskirt > Karil's leatherskirt > Black d'hide chaps >

Other chaps with decent ranging bonus

Gloves Barrows gloves > Black d'hide vambraces >

Other gloves with decent ranging bonus

Boots Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots > Frog-leather boots
Ring Archers' ring (i) > Archers' ring
Shield Odium ward > Book of Law > Unholy book
Weapon Armadyl crossbow > Rune crossbow

(For monsters with strong defence)
Dragon dart > Rune dart
(For monsters with low defence)

Void vs Slayer helmet (i)Edit

Void provides a 20% Ranged damage bonus (10% boost to Range + 10% boost to Ranged Strength = 20% damage boost), but only a 10% boost to accuracy. This means that for low defence monsters, you should use Void. On higher defence tasks, such as metal dragons, you may find that the accuracy of full dragonhide, Karil's or Armadyl + a Slayer helmet (i) to be of great importance.

Player-owned houseEdit

Some players use their house as an advantage to quickly train slayer.

Note that there are many cases where using player-owned houses are not the most efficient method, not all of the following advantages are relevant to those who have unlocked high level teleportations.

Using Nightmare Zone reward points on scrolls of redirection, using Teleport to House tabs with a scroll of redirection can allow players to any POH portal without moving their house.

Note: While Trollheim does not have a Player-owned-house of its own, scrolls of redirection can be used on teleport to house tabs, requiring completion of Eadgar's Ruse in order to use. It will drop the player off very quickly to the God Wars Dungeon and will save a lot of time going there.

Location Advantages Disadvantages
Rimmington Close to Mudskipper point for mogre, ice warrior and skeletal wyvern tasks. Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Fairy ring code A•I•Q teleports directly to Mudskipper point.
The amulet of glory teleports to Draynor, rendering the time saved minimal.

Taverley Somewhat close to Trollheim for troll, spiritual mage, spiritual ranger, and spiritual warrior tasks.

Close to the Heroes Guild and Taverley Dungeon for blue dragon tasks.
Close to Burthorpe Slayer master for reassignment of tasks.

The Games necklace and Trollheim tablet teleports closer to all these locations (except blue dragons).
Great Kourend Somewhat close to one of the entrances to the Catacombs of Kourend. The Teleport to Kourend option/"Xeric's Heart" teleport from Xeric's talisman is significantly faster.
Pollnivneach Close to the Smoke Dungeon. The Camulet is somewhat slower but cheaper.

Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Rellekka Quick access to Lunar Isle for a spellbook swap.

Close to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.
Close to the Lighthouse for dagannoth tasks.
Close to Waterbirth Island Dungeon for high-level dagannoth kills (level 90 Dagannoth and Dagannoth Kings).
Close to Brine rats.

Far from a Slayer Master to exchange slayer points.

Enchanted lyre teleports close to POH portal.
Fairy rings are faster to Brine rats.
Games necklace is closer to the Lighthouse dagannoths.
A player on the Lunar spellbook can simply use the Moonclan Teleport to get to Lunar Isle.

Brimhaven Close to the Brimhaven Dungeon

Fastest way to Duradel without the use of the NPC Contact or any means of teleportation such as Karamja Gloves 3 other than using the spirit tree patch followed by the cart-ride. Close to bank.

Few non-Slayer uses.
Yanille Close to blue dragons and greater demons in the Ogre Enclave. Far from a Slayer master to exchange slayer points.

Watchtower teleport is close.

Quest experienceEdit

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