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This article is about high-level slayer training. For general slayer training, see Slayer training.

This is a guide on how to train Slayer in the most efficient manner possible purely in terms of maximising Slayer experience per hour. It is aimed towards players with high levels in the various combat and combat-related stats, including Prayer, which provide access to various methods of augmenting the rate at which Slayer is trained. It is also targeted towards players who are able to make money at a fairly high rate, and thus would value their time enough to utilise more expensive methods in the interest of saving time. Due to the intended audience of this guide, not everything will be explained in detail, as the reader is expected to know the basics of RuneScape and the Slayer skill itself. This guide assumes you will be using Duradel exclusively as your Slayer master. This is a guide and while the user is encouraged to follow it as closely as possible for maximum efficiency, players are free to choose which parts to follow and which to ignore subject to their own opinions, stats, gear, cash, potential to make cash, and personal task preference.

General Starter InformationEdit

Slayer is worthwhile to train especially if you are interested in training your Melee and Ranged skills. Due to various bonuses afforded to players while training Slayer (such as the bonus given by the Slayer helmet (i)), it offers some of the best rates of melee combat experience in the game. It also is very efficient to train Slayer in overall terms across your account because players will get significant amounts of experience in other skills on the road to level 99 Slayer or 200 million experience, resulting in less time wasted gaining extra combat experience which is not necessary since it could have been obtained through Slayer. Generally when slaying for best xp/h you will have a Slayer helmet (i) and make extensive use of the Dwarf Cannon.

Use the points to unlock the essential things, like the Slayer helmet, Slayer ring and autokill ability and to gain the opportunity to block or skip the bad tasks (bad tasks being those which give slowest xp/h discussed later in the guide AND/OR tasks which the player chooses to block at their own will). Whatever players choose to spend their points on, they are strongly advised to keep enough points in reserve to cancel several tasks in a row, in case of multiple undesirable assignments being given.

Cancelling and Blocking TasksEdit

Tasks that the player does not wish to ever do can be permanently blocked at the cost of 100 reward points. Up to four assigned monsters, or group of monsters such as kalphites, can be blocked in this manner, with one block allowed per 50 quest points. A sixth slot is available only with completion of the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.

Tasks should only be blocked if they are rather common or commonly assigned to the player but are not good tasks in terms of experience or profit. Such examples include waterfiends; while their drop tables were slightly improved, their high difficulty compared to other monsters of their level makes them a commonly blocked task.

Tasks may also be cancelled, if the player does not wish to do it at that time. Cancelling a task costs 30 reward points each time, making it potentially expensive to try and get a specific assignment. Players are recommended to use the cancel option as often as it can be used while maintaining a stable level of Slayer reward points. This will ensure that the player spends as much time as possible doing tasks which offer fast Slayer experience.

Duradel assigns 39 different Slayer tasks. Essentially, each player should develop their own personal task list using a method like this:

  1. Sort the tasks from fastest to slowest Slayer experience.
  2. Decide how many tasks must be completed (instead of being cancelled) in order to keep Slayer reward points at a stable level in the long run (neither gaining nor losing a significant amount of points). This will probably be around 15 tasks, give or take a few depending on how lucky the player is with assignments.
  3. Draw a cut-off line after the nth fastest task (i.e., the 15th fastest task). All tasks below this line will be either blocked or cancelled.
  4. Of the tasks below the cut-off line, permanently block the six which are most commonly assigned. Even if a certain task may be worse than another, it is better to block the one that is more common since you plan to cancel them both anyway.
  5. Cancel the remaining tasks below the cut-off line whenever they are assigned. Complete only the tasks above the cut-off line.

The cut-off line can be adjusted depending on whether the player finds that they are gaining or losing too many points. Some task that are commonly cancelled are typically due to the fact that they are either tedious or do not provide good experience rates. These include ankous and zygomites; relatively fast tasks but they don't provide a lot of experience per hour.


Protection prayers can be used as an alternative to food or Guthan's equipment on dangerous tasks where banking might take a long time or the Guthan's helmet cannot be worn. Damage-heavy tasks like Aberrant Spectres, Infernal Mages, or even stronger variants of normal slayer creatures in the Catacombs of Kourend can be made trivial by protection prayers.

Offensive prayers on the other hand will speed up tasks drastically, even though they might be expensive. If you choose to maintain offensive prayers, bring prayer potions. Piety should be used if it is a melee task. If it is a mage task, use Mystic Might for its accuracy boost and Eagle Eye when ranging tasks.

Regardless of the method of prayer used, Prayer Flicking is a click intensive but extremely efficient way of saving vital prayer points. With proper timing, prayer flicking can more than triple the life span of your prayer points.

If using potions, having a holy wrench is not required, but recommended. It boosts the amount of prayer gained from prayer potions thus reducing the number of prayer potions used. Over time, these savings make the one lost space actually extend the overall lifespan of your inventory of potions.

Finally, a player with an altar and extensive teleportation available in either their home or with equipment can take advantage of teleporting to their house and using the altar to refresh prayer before returning to the task area quickly. This is especially effective in the Catacombs of Kourend and even areas of the Slayer Tower provided the player can utilize the agility shortcuts.

Dwarf multi-cannonEdit

Every task in which a dwarf multicannon can be used should be cannoned. Cannoning all possible tasks is recommended depending on how much wealth you have leftover and if you are seeking to rush tasks quickly and get fast experience rates. Such examples include typically long tasks like hellhounds, suqahs and black demons; they provide good experience rates, but take a while to kill without a cannon.

Around 750-1,500 cannonballs are used on an average task given by Duradel in a non-multiway combat area, whilst tasks taken place in a multiway combat area can exceed over 1,500.

It is best to find out the best spot to stand to allow double cannon shots against one monster. This allows faster kills, leading to an increase in experience per hour.

Although the costs of cannonballs can be expensive for some players, it can be paid off by doing hard or elite clue scrolls along with drops obtained from killing monsters such as various rune items and unique drops.


There are several slayer places that you can go to that contain a lot of monsters commonly assigned by Duradel:

Place Advantages Disadvantages
Stronghold Slayer Cave Most of the monsters Duradel assigns here are very close to each other, so you don't have to go far to hunt down a specific monster, especially in their normal habitats. Most monsters can also be cannoned. Some areas, like bloodvelds, hellhounds and fire giants are often crowded by other players.
Slayer Tower Several monsters Duradel assigns live here, and is relatively quiet due to the other slayer places. Can't place a cannon in the tower, some spawns spread out.
Catacombs of Kourend A large variety of monsters Duradel assigns can be found here, and have improved stats over other places. It is also a multi-combat area so you can semi-afk more efficiently here. Some tasks are very efficient here, like dust devils and nechryaels. Like the Slayer Tower, you can't place a cannon in the catacombs.


On melee tasks, the primary decision players will make is whether to use an abyssal whip (or a saradomin sword if the player wishes to train strength) or a zamorakian hasta. The whip is usually superior to the zamorakian hasta in terms of melee damage. The abyssal whip is nearly always superior to the zamorakian hasta, which should never be used, with the exception of several tasks such as dragons which are weak to stab attacks.

Furthermore, most melee tasks should be performed in what is usually referred to as "max strength" gear, consisting of the melee armour which yields the greatest strength bonuses, such as Bandos armour and primordial boots. There are some notable exceptions, however, such as waterfiends which should be killed in Karil's armour.

Some tasks will require the use of prayer. Typically, this tends to apply for monsters like spiritual mages and dark beasts. While you can use prayers for all tasks, if you have a saradomin godsword or Guthan's set, you should be good on food and save a decent amount of money. When using prayer equipment, you will be typically fighting against monsters using one combat style, so prayer boosting gear like proselyte or Initiate is recommended to give yourself a higher prayer bonus, reducing the amount of prayer you drain per second.

The Slayer helmet or (i) is better then a black mask. With the helmet, you have face and nose protection, so you don't have to bring face masks or nosepegs which can impede experience rates per hour. The imbued variant should be a high priority if not obtained yet, since the bonuses will now apply to both ranged and magic.

A dragon defender is nearly always superior to the Dragonfire shield because of its large accuracy bonuses. The dragonfire shield does have its advantages, and should only be used for dragon and wyvern tasks.

The table below gives a guide as to what equipment should be used when slaying:

This set up consists of having a high prayer bonus. Using Proselyte armour is highly recommended as is provides the highest prayer bonus in its respective equipment slots. A Verac's plateskirt combined with the Proselyte hauberk is a good combination of both prayer and defence bonuses.

Weapons may depend on what task player's get. When fighting dragons, a stab weapon, such as the Zamorakian hasta or Leaf-bladed sword, otherwise an Abyssal whip is generally the best weapon to use. A Saradomin sword can be used for those who wish to solely train strength, as the abyssal whip lacks this ability.

Rings also depend on the player's choice. Generally, the Berserker ring is the best ring to use on slayer tasks, as most monster's defence aren't very high, thus accuracy isn't an issue and the strength bonus it provides can speed up tasks. However, the warrior, tyrannical or treasonous ring can be used to increase player's accuracy in slash, crush or stab respectively, if accuracy is an issue.

A Holy wrench can be brought to slayer tasks as this can help save prayer potions overtime. Requires completion of Rum Deal quest.

Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of fury
Ammo slot
Abyssal whip
Proselyte hauberk
Dragon defender
Verac's plateskirt
Barrows gloves
Primordial boots
Berserker ring (i)
High prayer bonus

Recommended skills:


This set up consists of having a high strength/defence bonus. Using Barrows equipment is generally the most common armour pieces to use when using slayer. Bandos armour is best to use if aiming for a high strength bonus, albeit rather expensive. A Guthan's set can be brought to most tasks where healing may be needed, or a Saradomin godsword may suffice on some tasks.

As this set up does not have high prayer bonus, players can pray flick should they wish to.

Weapons may depend on what task player's get. When fighting dragons, a stab weapon, such as the Zamorakian hasta or Leaf-bladed sword, otherwise an Abyssal whip is generally the best weapon to use. A Saradomin sword or Abyssal Dagger can be used for those who wish to solely train strength, as the abyssal whip lacks this ability.

Rings also depend on the player's choice. Generally, the Berserker ring is the best ring to use on slayer tasks, as most monster's defence aren't very high, thus accuracy isn't an issue and the strength bonus it provides can speed up tasks. However, the warrior, tyrannical or treasonous ring can be used to increase player's accuracy in slash, crush or stab respectively, if accuracy is an issue.

Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of fury
Ammo slot
Abyssal whip
Bandos chestplate
Dragon defender
Bandos tassets
Barrows gloves
Primordial boots
Berserker ring (i)
High Strength bonus
Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of fury
Ammo slot
Abyssal whip
Torag's platebody
Dragon defender
Torag's platelegs
Barrows gloves
Primordial boots
Berserker ring (i)
High Defence bonus

Recommended skills:


Using magic is not a common combat style to use. However, it is very useful for certain tasks, such as on Metal dragons. The Slayer helmet MUST be imbued in order to gain accuracy and damage benefits on an assigned slayer monster.

Players may wish to use an Arcane spirit shield for the best magic attack bonus on the shield slot, although it is very expensive. Players should use an Occult necklace when using magic as it provides 10% magic damage (the only necklace to do so). Ahrim's robes are the best magic robes to use as well as being cheap for the stats it offers.

Slayer helmet
Zamorak cape
Occult necklace
Ammo slot
Trident of the swamp
Ahrim's robetop
Malediction ward
Ahrim's robeskirt
Barrows gloves
Eternal boots
Seers ring (i)
Magic setup

Recommended skills:


Like magic, Ranged is not a common combat style to use. However, with the release of the Toxic blowpipe, ranging can be as fast as using Melee on certain tasks. The Slayer helmet MUST be imbued in order to gain accuracy and damage benefits on an assigned slayer monster.

If a player does not possess a Toxic blowpipe, it might not be recommended to range slayer tasks as it is generally the slowest combat style to use.

Slayer helmet
Ava's accumulator
Amulet of fury
Ammo slot
Toxic blowpipe
Armadyl chestplate
Shield slot
Armadyl chainskirt
Barrows gloves
Pegasian boots
Archers ring (i)
Ranged setup

Recommended skills:



Getting a task and transportEdit

Karamja gloves 3 allow fast transport to Duradel, however, those who wish to obtain a new task may find it faster to simply use the NPC Contact spell from the Lunar spellbook. Players who wish to skip or block a task should use the slayer ring to teleport to the Stronghold Slayer Cave, which is right next to Nieve. (Slayer rings should be made in batches and treated as disposable to allow more loot to be banked.)

For players using the Lunar spellbook, the NPC Contact spell can be used to get a new task. However, the rewards interface cannot be accessed this way, so travel to any Slayer master may be necessary to cancel.

Task SummaryEdit

This section or article is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: Needs pros, cons and xp/hr added to each assignment, missing assignments
You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it.

This is a list of monsters assigned by Duradel, along with the pros and cons of completing the task. This table aims to empower players in choosing their tasks based on the pros and cons of each task reflecting on drops, transport and access, combat area etc. Alternatively, an analysis of tasks from an xp/h standpoint is below.

Monster name Slayer level Combat level Pros Cons Do/skip/block Approx xp/hr
Aberrant spectres 60 96 Decent profit. Uses mage attacks only; cannot be lured into double-hit cannon spots properly. Skip 35k
Abyssal demons 85 124 Easy to kill and are quite profitable. Should be blocked if money is not an issue. Do/block 31k
Ankous 1 75-86 Very fast task and provides some profit. N/A Do/Skip
Aviansies 1 69-148 Drops adamantite bars which can sell for decent money. Far from a bank, relatively slow task and requires completion of the Hard Fremennik Diary for bars to become noted (Wilderness Aviansies drop noted bars but are far more dangerous) Should not be unlocked
Dark beasts 90 182 Easily accessible with a slayer ring.

When unextended, a good task for building up slayer points.

Should be skipped if a direct teleport there (Slayer ring with Mourning's End Part II done) is not available. Do 40k
Cave horror 58 80 Decent profit, highly aggressive. Requires a light source, a Witchwood icon and completion of Cabin Fever quest to access. Relatively spread apart. Do/Skip
Cave kraken 87 127/291 Killing the Kraken can yield decent profit. Can only be killed with magic, relatively slow kills per hour (especially if killing the boss). Killing cave krakens will result in a guaranteed loss due to the supplies needed to kill them with little net gain. Block (only if seeking fast experience rates) 15k
Bloodvelds 50 76, 81, 123 Great experience rates (both normal and mutated) Can be crowded in the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon. Do 45k
Black Demons 1 172 Significantly better xp rates using an Arclight. Can be substituted with Demonic gorillas for more profit at the expense of experience rates. Rather poor drops. Do/skip 44k (Whip)


48k (Arclight)

Black dragons 1 227 Decent profit and can be a relatively fast task if killing baby black dragons. Should be blocked if slayer points are not an issue. Do/skip 35k
Blue dragons 1 111 Provides a decent amount of profit. If banking bones and hides, can be an extremely slow task unless you can use the pipe shortcut in Taverley Dungeon. Skip 20k
Bosses Varies (1 for all except a few) Varies Can be a relatively quick task depending on what boss you get, in addition to 5,000 slayer experience upon completion of the task. Some bosses can be rather annoying to kill, and requires 200 Slayer points to unlock boss tasks. Do/Skip
Dagannoths 1 74, 92 Provides relatively good experience rates and are very aggressive. Can be crowded in the Lighthouse dungeon. They can be killed on Waterbirth Island Dungeon or in the Catacombs of Kourend. Do 80k
Dust Devils 65 93 Decent slayer and melee xp rates. Not worth doing unless slayer points are an issue. Do/Skip 43k
Elves 1 90, 108 Decent experience rates. Somewhat far from a bank. Do/Skip
Fire giants 1 86, 104, 109 Decent melee and slayer xp rate. Can be crowded in the Stronghold Slayer Cave. Slightly stronger Fire giants exist in the Catacombs of Kourend. Do 43k
Gargoyles 75 111 Decent profit, and provides very good experience rates with the Abyssal bludgeon. Relatively hard to aggro. Do/Skip 31k
Greater demons 1 92 Could be an option for Slayer point gathering if unextended. N/A Do/Block 38k
Hellhounds 1 122, 127 Players can kill Cerberus at 91 Slayer for potentially more profit which makes the task gp-efficient Can be crowded in the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon; they can be killed in Taverley Dungeon or the Catacombs of Kourend. Do/Block 40k
Iron dragons 1 189 None. Can be relatively slow if you do not have a Zamorakian hasta (trident can be used but will result in loss) Skip 25k
Kalphites 1 28, 85, 141, 333 Very good experience rates due to their aggressiveness; also a very fast task if cannoning workers. No notable drops. Soldiers and Guardians can poison, and the Queen is a very powerful foe. Do  65k
Kurasks 70 106 Aggressive and decent profit. Somewhat far from a bank and going to them can take a while without 81 Agility. Do/Skip
Lizardmen 1 53, 62, 73, 150 Extremely fast task with very little risk, as the lizardmen focus on nearby Shayzien soldiers first. Requires 5% favour with the Shayzien House and 75 Slayer points in order to unlock these for a task. Yields very little profit (loss if cannoning), and shamans require 100% favour in order to kill. Toggle on
Mithril dragons 1 304 None. Harder then Steel dragons due to increased stats and the ability to attack with all three combat styles. Should not be unlocked
Zygomite 57 74, 86 Relatively fast task, very close to a bank. Requires fungicide in order to finish them off. Do/Skip/Block
Nechryaels 80 115 Can be maged with barrage spells using an alternative account to lure them in the Catacombs of Kourend. Decent profit. Should be blocked if mage is not an option. Do/Block 31k (Melee) or

90k (Mage)

Red dragons 1 48, 152, 289 Decent profit if killing normal or brutal red dragons. Normal red dragons are very far from a bank; brutal red dragons take longer to kill. 50 Slayer points are required to unlock the ability to get these for a slayer task. Do/Should not be unlocked
Scabarites 1 41, 88/98, 112, 102, 109, 113 Could be an option for Slayer point gathering since it's a quick task. Hits very high for their level. They all do different combat styles, which can heavily damage the player if they lack sufficient defence and/or gear. Takes a while running there. Do/skip 60k
Skeletal Wyverns 72 198 Provides some profit at the cost of experience rates. Relatively slow kills if ranging. Do/Skip 10k
Smoke devils 93 160 Can be maged using barrage spells which can provide xp rates easily above 100k. The Thermonuclear smoke devil can be killed instead for potentially more profit. Maging them requires practice and a lot of money invested into runes. Do/Skip 55k (Melee) or 120k (Mage)
Spiritual creatures 63, 68, 83 115-134 Mages can give decent profit and have relatively low hitpoints (75 for Zamorak, 85 for Saradomin) Rangers and warriors can be relatively slow and clunky to deal with and are not as profitable as mages. Skip/Block 25k
Steel dragons 1 246 None. Slow kills if not using a Zamorakian hasta (trident can be used but will result in loss) Skip/Block 25k
Suqahs 1 111 Low-effort, high xp per hour. Requires good defensive armour as well as Protect from Magic since they hit hard with both attack styles. Proselyte is not a good option. Do 55k
TzHaar 1 74, 103, 133, 149, 702 Most TzHaar can be safespotted, and Jad can be killed instead for 25,000 Slayer experience upon death. If not killing Jad, TzHaars are often very crowded. Do/Do not unlock
Waterfiends 1 115 None. Hits quite high without prayer. High magic defence. Low experience rates. Skip/Block 35k
Trolls 1

Varies Heavily

Good exp when using cannon at Ice Trolls on Jatizso. Using a defender, Protect from Missiles and good protective armour still requires you to bring some food along with a Saradomin godsword for its healing effect using the special attack. Do 50k

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