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This article is about the Smithing skill. For information on training Smithing, see Smithing training (F2P) (P2P).


Also known as Smith
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members only? No
Players with
as of 1 September 2016 - update
Players with
200M XP
as of 18 September 2016 - update

Smithing is a production skill through which players may create a wide variety of metal items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, which generates all of the raw materials used in Smithing. Ores acquired from Mining are smelted into metal bars at furnaces, and then hammered into items at anvils. Many smithable items are useful in combat, quests, and the training of a number of other skills such as Crafting and Fletching. Smithing actually incorporates two distinct processes. The first, Smelting, is the process of taking raw ore obtained from the Mining skill and using it with a furnace to produce a metal bar. The title process, Smithing, is the process in which the player repeatedly bangs the bars with a hammer until it becomes a metal item using an anvil.

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Smithing level-up music (link)

Smelting Edit

For a list of furnaces, see Furnace

Smelting is the process of extracting a metal bar from a metal ore. Ore can be obtained using the Mining skill. To obtain a metal bar, a player must use an ore of the desired metal on a furnace. Some metals require different kinds of ore, and smelting some metals require coal to be added to the furnace to raise the furnace's temperature.

Players can perform the smelting action by two different ways. One way is to use one of the ores for a bar on the furnace. Other required ores are automatically added to the furnace from the player's inventory. The other way, faster for bulk smelting, is to click on the furnace, right-click on the ore they want to smelt, click on 'Smelt X', and then type in how many they want.

When smelting just a few ore, it can be faster to choose the 'Smelt 5' or 'Smelt 10' options, as bars will be smelted until the player runs out of ore.

Smelting using Magic Edit

With level 43 Magic, players can smelt bars using the Superheat Item spell. Doing so grants the same amount of smithing experience, and has a few advantages:

  • The player can emerge from a mine with a full inventory of bars, instead of a full inventory of ores which will smelt into only a fraction of the bars.
  • The player receives both Smithing and Magic experience.
  • The player saves time by not having to commute between a bank and a furnace.
  • The player is granted a 100% success rate in smelting iron ore.

Success rate Edit

All metals have a 100% success rate with the exception of iron ore. As a balance to iron bars only requiring one ore, the smelting of iron ore using a furnace may sometimes fail. This success rate is raised to 100% under the following conditions:

Smelting table Edit

Name Ores required Smithing level required Smithing experience gained Notes
Bronze bar Bronze Tin orex1 Copper orex1 1 6.25 Lowest tier metal.
Blurite bar Blurite Blurite orex1 8 8 Members only. Requires completion of The Knight's Sword quest.
Iron bar Iron Iron orex1 15 12.5 Smelting iron ore at a furnace may sometimes fail. See smelting iron ore.
Silver bar Silver Silver orex1 20 13.67 A Crafting metal. Used to create various silver items.
Elemental bar Elemental Elemental orex1Coalx4 20 7.5 Members only. Used in the Elemental Workshop I and Elemental Workshop II quests.
Steel bar Steel Iron orex1 Coalx2 30 17.5 The most average metal.
Gold bar Gold Gold orex1 40 22.5 (56.2) [1] A Crafting metal, more valuable than silver, used to create various gold items (but not coins).
Mithril bar Mithril Mithril orex1 Coalx4 50 30 The lightest smithable metal.
Adamantite bar Adamantite Adamantite orex1 Coalx6 70 37.5 The heaviest smithable metal.
Runite bar Rune Runite orex1 Coalx8 85 50 The strongest smithable metal, also considered to be the most profitable bar in the game.
  1. Wearing Goldsmith gauntlets increases the experience gained from smelting gold bars.

For a list of anvils, see Anvil

Smithing is the process by which players craft a metal item out of one or more metal bars.

Smithing is always done at an anvil. When a player uses a metal bar on an anvil, a dialog is shown in which the player selects which item to forge. The player can either click the item to smith one such item, or may right-click on the item and select a higher quantity of items to smith.

Note: Once a player has selected a quantity of items to smith, the player's character will only cease smithing once the quantity is filled, the player has run out of bars, or the player is attacked.

For players attempting to raise their smithing skill, it is recommended that players first have a large number of bars in their bank, thus allowing fast experience as only trips between a bank and an anvil are needed.

Different smithing levels are required to make different items. For the required levels for all items, see Smithing table.

Smithing table Edit

Below is a table with information about Smithing and what players can create. It is important to note that Black armour and weapons cannot be smithed.

As is standard, items which can only be smithed by Members are italicized.

If you are wondering about how to find experience, take experience for 1 bar and multiply it by the number of bars you're using. For example, a Bronze Platebody is 62.5 exp using 5 bars. 1 bar is 12.5 exp, so go 5 x 12.5= 62.5. Works for all types, from Bronze -> Runite.

Bronze Edit

Bronze smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Bronze dagger Dagger 1 12.5 1
Bronze axe Axe 1 12.5 1
Bronze mace Mace 2 12.5 1
Bronze med helm Medium helmet 3 12.5 1
Bronze bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 3 12.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Bronze sword Sword 4 12.5 1
Bronze wire Bronze wire 4 12.5 1
Bronze dart tip Dart tips 4 12.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Bronze nails Nails 4 12.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Bronze arrowtips Arrowtips 5 12.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Bronze scimitar Scimitar 5 25 2
Bronze spear Spear 5 25 1 Also requires 1 normal log and Barbarian Training.
Bronze hasta Hasta 5 25 1 Also requires 1 normal log and Barbarian Training.
Bronze limbs Crossbow limbs 6 12.5 1
Bronze javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 6 12.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Bronze longsword Longsword 6 25 2
Bronze full helm Full helm 7 25 2
Bronze knife Throwing knives 7 12.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Bronze sq shield Square shield 8 25 2
Bronze warhammer Warhammer 9 37.5 3
Bronze battleaxe Battleaxe 10 37.5 3
Bronze chainbody Chainbody 11 37.5 3
Bronze kiteshield Kiteshield 12 37.5 3
Bronze claws Claws 13 25 2
Bronze 2h sword 2h sword 14 37.5 3
Bronze platelegs Platelegs 16 37.5 3
Bronze plateskirt Plateskirt 16 37.5 3
Bronze platebody Platebody 18 62.5 5

Iron Edit

Iron smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Iron dagger Dagger 15 25 1
Iron axe Axe 16 25 1
Iron mace Mace 17 25 1
Iron spit Iron spit 16 25 1
Iron med helm Medium helmet 18 25 1
Iron bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 18 25 1 1 bar makes 10.
Iron sword Sword 19 25 1
Iron dart tip Dart tips 19 25 1 1 bar makes 10.
Iron nails Nails 19 25 1 1 bar makes 15.
Iron arrowtips Arrowtips 20 25 1 1 bar makes 15.
Iron scimitar Scimitar 20 50 2
Iron spear Spear 20 50 1 Also requires 1 oak log and Barbarian Training.
Iron hasta Hasta 20 50 1 Also requires 1 oak log and Barbarian Training.
Iron javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 21 25 1 1 bar makes 5.
Iron longsword Longsword 21 50 2
Iron full helm Full helmet 22 50 2
Iron knife Throwing knives 22 25 1 1 bar makes 5.
Iron limbs Crossbow limbs 23 25 1
Iron sq shield Square shield 23 50 2
Iron warhammer Warhammer 24 75 3
Iron battleaxe Battleaxe 25 75 3
Oil lantern (empty) Oil lantern frame 26 25 1 Used as a light source.
Iron chainbody Chainbody 26 75 3
Iron kiteshield Kiteshield 27 75 3
Iron claws Claws 28 50 2
Iron 2h sword 2h sword 29 75 3
Iron platelegs Platelegs 31 75 3
Iron plateskirt Plateskirt 31 75 3
Iron platebody Platebody 33 125 5

Steel Edit

Steel smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Steel dagger Dagger 30 37.5 1
Steel axe Axe 31 37.5 1
Steel mace Mace 32 37.5 1
Steel med helm Medium helmet 33 37.5 1
Steel bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 33 37.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Steel sword Sword 34 37.5 1
Steel dart tip Dart tips 34 37.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Steel nails Nails 34 37.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Steel arrowtips Arrowtips 35 37.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Cannonball Cannonballs 35 25.5 1 1 bar makes 4.
Steel scimitar Scimitar 35 75 2
Steel spear Spear 35 75 1 Also requires 1 willow log and Barbarian Training.
Steel hasta Hasta 35 75 1 Also requires 1 willow log and Barbarian Training.
Steel limbs Crossbow limbs 36 37.5 1
Steel javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 36 37.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Steel longsword Longsword 36 75 2
Steel studs Steel studs 36 37.5 1 Used for crafting studded leather armour.
Steel full helm Full helmet 37 75 2
Steel knife Throwing knives 37 37.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Steel sq shield Square shield 38 75 2
Steel warhammer Warhammer 39 112.5 3
Steel battleaxe Battleaxe 40 112.5 3
Steel chainbody Chainbody 41 112.5 3
Steel kiteshield Kiteshield 42 112.5 3
Steel claws Claws 43 75 2
Steel 2h sword 2h sword 44 112.5 3
Steel platelegs Platelegs 46 112.5 3
Steel plateskirt Plateskirt 46 112.5 3
Steel platebody Platebody 48 187.5 5
Bullseye lantern (unlit) Bullseye lantern 49 37.5 1 Used as a light source.

Gold Edit

Gold smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Gold helmet Gold Helmet 50 30 3 Learned during Between a Rock...
Gold bowl Bowl 50 30 2 Learned during Legends' Quest

Mithril Edit

Mithril smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Mithril dagger Dagger 50 50 1
Mithril axe Axe 51 50 1
Mithril mace Mace 52 50 1
Mithril med helm Medium helmet 53 50 1
Mithril bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 53 50 1 1 bar makes 10.
Mithril sword Sword 54 50 1
Mithril dart tip Dart tips 54 50 1 1 bar makes 10.
Mithril nails Nails 54 50 1 1 bar makes 15.
Mithril arrowtips 5 Arrowtips 55 50 1 1 bar makes 15.
Mithril scimitar Scimitar 55100 2
Mithril spear Spear 55 100 1 Also requires 1 maple log and Barbarian Training.
Mithril hasta Hasta 55 100 1 Also requires 1 maple log and Barbarian Training.
Mithril limbs Crossbow limbs 56 50 1
Mithril javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 56 50 1 1 bar makes 5.
Mithril longsword Longsword 56 100 2
Mithril full helm Full helm 57 100 2
Mithril knife Throwing knives 57 50 1 1 bar makes 5.
Mithril sq shield Square shield 58 100 2
Mithril warhammer Warhammer 59 150 3
Mith grapple Mithril grapple 59 50 1
Mithril battleaxe Battleaxe 60 150 3
Mithril chainbody Chainbody 61 150 3
Mithril kiteshield Kiteshield 62 150 3
Mithril claws Claws 63 100 2
Mithril 2h sword 2h sword 64 150 3
Mithril platelegs Platelegs 66 150 3
Mithril plateskirt Plateskirt 66 150 3
Mithril platebody Platebody 68 250 5

Adamant Edit

Adamant smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Adamant dagger Dagger 70 62.5 1
Adamant axe Axe 71 62.5 1
Adamant mace Mace 72 62.5 1
Adamant med helm Medium helmet 73 62.5 1
Adamant bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 73 62.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Adamant sword Sword 74 62.5 1
Adamant dart tip Dart tips 74 62.5 1 1 bar makes 10.
Adamantite nails Nails 74 62.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Adamant arrowtips Arrowtips 75 62.5 1 1 bar makes 15.
Adamant scimitar Scimitar 75125 2
Adamant spear Spear 75 125 1 Also requires 1 yew log and Barbarian Training.
Adamant hasta Hasta 75 125 1 Also requires 1 yew log and Barbarian Training.
Adamantite limbs Crossbow limbs 76 62.5 1
Adamant javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 76 62.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Adamant longsword Longsword 76 125 2
Adamant full helm Full helmet 77 125 2
Adamant knife Throwing knives 77 62.5 1 1 bar makes 5.
Adamant sq shield Square shield 78 125 2
Adamant warhammer Warhammer 79 187.5 3
Adamant battleaxe Battleaxe 80 187.5 3
Adamant chainbody Chainbody 81 187.5 3
Adamant kiteshield Kiteshield 82 187.5 3
Adamant claws Claws 83 125 2
Adamant 2h sword 2h sword 84 187.5 3
Adamant platelegs Platelegs 86 187.5 3
Adamant plateskirt Plateskirt 86 187.5 3
Adamant platebody Platebody 88 312.5 5

Rune Edit

Rune smithing table
Image Item Level Experience Bars Notes
Rune dagger Dagger 85 75 1
Rune axe Axe 86 75 1
Rune mace Mace 87 75 1
Rune med helm Medium helmet 88 75 1
Runite bolts (unf) 5 Bolts 88 75 1 1 bar makes 10.
Rune sword Sword 89 75 1
Rune dart tip Dart tips 89 75 1 1 bar makes 10.
Rune nails Nails 89 75 1 1 bar makes 15.
Rune arrowtips Arrowtips 90 75 1 1 bar makes 15.
Rune scimitar Scimitar 90150 2
Rune spear Spear 90 150 1 Also requires 1 magic log and Barbarian Training.
Rune hasta Hasta 90 150 1 Also requires 1 magic log and Barbarian Training.
Runite limbs Crossbow limbs 91 75 1
Rune javelin heads 5 Javelin heads 91 75 1 1 bar makes 5.
Rune longsword Longsword 91 150 2
Rune full helm Full helmet 92 150 2
Rune knife Throwing knives 92 75 1 1 bar makes 5.
Rune sq shield Square shield 93 150 2
Rune warhammer Warhammer 94 225 3
Rune battleaxe Battleaxe 95 225 3
Rune chainbody Chainbody 96 225 3
Rune kiteshield Kiteshield 97 225 3
Rune claws Claws 98 150 2
Rune 2h sword 2h sword 99 225 3
Rune platelegs Platelegs 99 225 3
Rune plateskirt Plateskirt 99 225 3
Rune platebody Platebody 99 375 5

Tips Edit

  • The closest furnaces to a bank are the Edgeville furnace and the Port Phasmatys, Neitiznot furnace, and Al Kharid's or Falador's furnace for free players.
  • It is often more efficient to break up the tasks of mining, smelting (unless superheating), and smithing, rather than try to mine 28 ores, smelt them, and then smith them (although in Al Kharid the furnace is on the way to the bank).
  • The anvils located nearest a bank on the Void Knight Outpost, Yanille (just south of the bank), and Varrock (just South of the Western Bank). To reach the Void Knights' Outpost island, talk to the squire South of the Port Sarim dock. There are multiple anvils on this island, located 10 or so seconds (walking) from the bank - this is extremely quick, if smithing bars into weapons, armour, etc.

Making money Edit

If a player's magic level is 55 and their smithing level is 48, then they can make a great amount of money, but only if they mine the ores themselves.

Using the spell High Level Alchemy (also known as 'high alching'), a player can make a great profit. When a player high alchs a steel platebody, they receive 1,200 coins. So if a player has 100 steel plates, and they have enough runes to high alch the plates, then they've just made 120,000 coins. The only con is that high alching can be slow and boring, and the player has to have enough runes to cast the spell. (THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT RECOMMENDED. [3/1/16]. The price of a steel bar is approx. 900 gold meaning that the process of smithing a steel platebody results in a loss of >3300 gold EACH.)

It is not recommended players sell what they make to general stores, as these stores give players low prices. Instead, they should high alch them. If their magic level is not high enough, then players should sell what they made to other players. It is highly recommended that players do not use the weaker Low Level Alchemy spell, as this spell gives players a much smaller amount of coins than they would receive from high alching.

Generally, the best things to use high-alchemy on are either swords or plate bodies - these items yield the most coins per bar (the exception is rune). There is a full high-alchemy table below.

At level 40 Smithing with level 6 Crafting and a necklace mould, gold necklace can be made at the same furnace in which gold ores are smelted into gold bars. Grum's jewellery shop in Port Sarim buys a gold necklace at 315 coins if his inventory is zero; the price decreases 9 coins for each gold necklace he has, dropping to 45 coins at an inventory of 30 or more. Selling to a general store gives only 180 coins or less. High alching (270 coins) using nature runes (275 each) may be a poor value unless a player is able to runecraft natures (level 44 runecrafting and members-only).

Item Level High-Alchemy Value Value per Bar Value per Ore
Iron sword 19 54 54 54
Iron platebody 33 336 67.2 67.2
Steel sword 34 195 195 65
Steel platebody 48 1200 240 80
Mithril sword 54 507 507 101
Mithril platebody 68 3120 624 125
Adamant sword 74 1248 1248 178
Adamant platebody 88 7680 1536 219
Rune sword 89 12480 12480 1387
Rune 2h sword 99 38400 12800 1422

Selling bars and ores Edit

If a player just wants to sell their bars or ores they get from mining, then these prices are what they should follow. However, players must remember that these prices can change over time.

Steel bars are the recommended bars to sell, as many players make steel plates to level up their smithing level, so there is a large demand for these bars. The best places to sell or buy bars is in Falador and Varrock.

Ore prices Edit

Bar prices Edit

Training Edit

Free-play training Edit

Here is a way a free player can raise their smithing level.

  • Level 1 to 29 - buy 2 iron bars from a higher level smith then do The Knight's Sword quest, it gives 12,750 Smithing experience, granting many levels to a low-level smith.Or you can smith bronze at Al-Kharid.
  • Level 20 to 30 - Smelt and sell silver bars at Al-Kharid.
  • Level 29 to 40 - Smelt and smith iron. However, this will be very slow.
  • Level 40 to 68 - Smelt and sell or craft gold bars at Al-Kharid. This is also a good way to make money.
  • Level 30 to 68 - Smelt and smith steel. Players are recommended that they smith steel plates and then high level alchemy them for a great profit.
  • Level 68 to 99 - Smelt and smith mithril. This will take a very long time, though mithril plates give great xp as well as a great amount of coins from high alching the plates.

Many players prefer to make steel plates to level up their smithing level. This is great as the ores to make steel are relatively easy to obtain, plus the smithing experience from the plates is great.

Members Training Edit

Members tend to train smithing using different methods to non-members.

  • Gold ore is superb experience if you have the goldsmith gauntlet from the Family Crest quest. Wearing the goldsmith gauntlets while smithing gold bars will give you 56.2 experience per bar made, or 1574 experience per trip to the furnace. Comparison to Bronze: 25 experience, Iron: 350, Silver: 378, Steel: 157.5, Mithril: 150, Adamant: 150, rune: 150, all per trip to the furnace. It is very easy to find people selling Gold Ore on the RuneScape forums, and even when you do, you'll struggle to sell gold bars in quantity. The price of gold ore can be extremely high in large quantities, because of the speed of the experience.
  • Blast Furnace is a very good way to level smithing. Buy the ores, make mithril bars using the blast furnace, smith them into mithril platebody and high alch the plates. You will roughly break even in the sense that you don't have to bank for coins no matter how long you keep doing this.
  • Cannonballs are slow, and worse experience than any other steel smithing, but you can make a serious profit from them. Generally cannonballs sell for 150-200 each, whereas steel bars sell for 500-600 each and you can also buy the iron/coal instead and make the bars for 350 each. There are a lot of buyers for cannonballs who are training Slayer.
  • Selling bars on the forums - It's slow experience, but if you want to, make some bars and sell them on the forums. Do NOT price yourself out of the market, there's plenty of others using this trick - put up a reasonable minimum bid price and be prepared to sell for that price.
  • Arrows - are slow but good experience, and you may be able to break even on arrows. However, you'll have a lot of competition - it's generally easier to sell the cheaper arrows like iron or steel rather than mithril. Of course, these are far lower experience per bar, and from your point of view, a waste of feathers and logs! It's also a lot of trading work - getting feathers, normal logs, making the headless arrows, etc.
  • Throwing Knives and Darts - Can be extremely profitable to do, many extremely high level smiths make money on iron knives rather than cannonballs, because it's easier to source large amounts of iron than coal, and the experience per hour rate is roughly the same.
  • Studded bodies - Here you make studs out of all your steel bars (350 coins each), combine it with a leather body (101 coins each), runecraft a nature (31 coins each) and high-alch. This is extremely heavy on nature runes which means that you'll be spending all your time runecrafting rather than smithing. However, it's very good smithing, craft, runecraft and magic xp - four skills which are very tough to raise, and you make 28 coins (or less) per alched body. It's a lot of time and effort to go to.
  • Mining the ores, buying the coal - Here, you mine the mithril or adamant yourself, buy the coal, and high-alch the platebodys. You will need high levels for this, and you just about break-even on mithril, and make money on adamant.
  • Spending on fast experience - Here, you buy the bars, then make plates, then alch them. This will lose you serious money, but is fast smithing xp (even more if you buy the bars rather than make yourself). Assuming you runecraft your own natures, you will lose: Steel Plates: 3000 coins per plate (16 coins per xp), Mith Plates: 5500 coins per plate (22 coins per xp), Addy Plates: 11000 coins per plate (+35 coins per xp).

Experience per ore used Edit

This compares how much experience is earned for the number of ores used. Gold using the members Goldsmith's gauntlets is first with 56.2 xp; iron is second with 37.5 xp.

The Keldagrim blast furnace minigame requires only half the number of coal for steel, mithril, adamant and rune smelting and iron smelts 100% without the Ring of Forging.

Experience per ore
Ore Number of ores Total exp Exp per ore Blast furnace exp per ore
Bronze 2 19 9.5 9.5
Iron 1 (50% success) 18.8 18.8 37.5
Iron 1 + Ring of Forging 37.5 37.5 37.5
Steel 3 55 18.3 27.5
Gold 1 22.5 22.5 22.5
Gold 1 + Goldsmith Gauntlet 56.2 56.2 56.2
Mithril 5 80 16 26.7
Adamant 7 100 14.3 25
Rune 9 125 13.8 25

High alchemy table Edit

The items listed below are the ones most players use in high alchemy.

Item Bars High alch / Specialist store price Steel
Medium helmet114501804681,15211,520180
Full helmet226923308582,11221,120165
Square shield2281003609362,30423,040180
Two-handed sword3481686001,5603,84038,400200
Platebody5963361,2003,1209,984 39,000240

Temporary boosts Edit

  • A Dwarven Stout will raise mining and smithing by 1. It can be bought in Falador, the Lighthouse Store, is a common drop from dwarves, and can be bought in several places in members areas, as well as brewed using the Cooking skill.
  • A Mature dwarven stout will raise mining and smithing by 2. You receive 2 as a reward for completing the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, and it can be brewed by using the Cooking skill.
  • A spicy stew can (possibly) boost Smithing by 1-5 depending on how many orange doses have been used on the stew.

Quests Edit

Total: 49,482 Experience

Trivia Edit

  • In the early days, smithing was considered one of the best skills for making money. As such, Jagex kept anvils and furnaces far away as an attempt to prevent people from levelling smithing too quickly. However, this practice has often been considered obsolete ever since banks were able to hold items.
  • In early 2001, smithing had very different requirements. For example, players needed level 96 smithing to make steel plates rather than 48.

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