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Sorceress&#039;s Garden map

A map of the Sorceress's Garden.

This is the guide for the Autumn Garden.


Step 1Edit

The player will begin by positioning himself in the spot beside the path the elemental patrols. He/She will wait until it tags the wall and turns around before making a quick dart to the "hiding dents" in the walls. He/She waits once more for the elemental to tag the wall on the other end, and once it passes he makes another run around the corner and to the next elemental. This elemental patrols a short back and fourth path with a total of three dents to hide in. The player will ignore the first one.

Step 2Edit

The player will jump into the pocket located on the image with the arrow cross hair as the elemental patrols in the opposite direction. He/She does exactly the same move for the dent across from him. Now comes the hardest part: Moving around to the other side. This takes timing; As it's hard to run around while both elementals are unaware of the player's present. However he/she simply waits until both are looking away and runs around into the spot marked with an hourglass. From here none of the elementals can spot him.

Step 3Edit

The player is near completing the maze. He/She will wait until the rotating elemental is on the other side of the wall. Then he/she will find himself in the dent that the elemental passes by before moving on. Once he/she's safe and secure he/she'll wait once more for it to return to the other side before taking a long run to the huge dent far off. Once here he/she'll wait for the elemental patrolling the herb patch to look away and move to the spot located with an arrow cross hair. And finally, once that elemental is waling away he/she will make his final footsteps to the tree.

The Herbs in the north-east part of the garden give out 2 unidentified herbs and 50 exp in farming. This is a good method to get people started on farming. You can earn around 2.5k farming exp per hour.

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