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Spined armour equipped

A player wearing full Spined armour.

Spined helm chathead

Spined armour is Fremennik armour for rangers that can only be made by going to Waterbirth Island. It requires 40 Defence and Ranged to wear. Most of the set can only be worn after the completion of The Fremennik Trials. Parts of this armour can be dropped by Dagannoth Supreme. While wearing the full set, the title of "Spinewielder" is added to your Fremennik name.

Making Spined armourEdit

The raw materials for this armour are circular hides (helm), stretched hides (chaps) and flattened hides (body). They are dropped by level 88 ranged Dagannoths, who also drop Spined gloves and Spined boots. Once you have the raw materials, the armour is made by Sigli the Huntsman.

ArmourSpecial hideHide(s)Coins
Spined helmSpined helm1 Circular hidecircular hide1 Dagannoth hidedagannoth hide5,000
Spined bodySpined body1 Flattened hideflattened hide3 Dagannoth hidedagannoth hides10,000
Spined chapsSpined chaps1 Stretched hidestretched hide2 Dagannoth hidedagannoth hides7,500

Spined armour may be placed in the Armour case in the Costume room of a player-owned house, so players may own it without the armour taking up bank space.

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