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Surgeon General Tafani
Surgeon General Tafani
Release date 25 March 2004 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Duel Arena
Sells items? Yes
Gender Female
Notable features Master of Hitpoints
This nurse really knows her stuff.

Surgeon General Tafani is the lead surgeon at the Duel Arena. She mentions that Jaraah performs surgeries as well, and is known by his nickname, "The Butcher". She also employs two nurses, Sabreen and A'abla, to assist her in her surgeries. She, along with Jaraah and the nurses, can heal players if they have lost hitpoints. They can heal players who are not playing the minigame, and can be useful to players fighting in the nearby area. The healing is free of charge. She does not heal poison though. Tafani, as the master of Hitpoints, sells the Hitpoints cape to players with level 99 in Hitpoints.


  • Tafani is one of only two female NPCs that sells a Cape of accomplishment, the other being the Hunting expert.
  • When she heals a player she appears to be using the same animation that is used to pickpocket a NPC.

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