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Tan Leather is a Lunar spell which tans up to 5 hides in the player's inventory, with no extra gp cost like there would be with the normal process of tanning. However, in order to cast the spell, the player must have completed all of the easy, medium, and hard tasks of the Fremennik Diary.

With good timing, this spell tans around 7500 hides per hour, also giving the player ~120K Magic experience per hour and can be used as a good method of money making. The quest Lunar Diplomacy must also be completed to cast this spell.

As cowhide can be tanned into either soft leather or hard leather, it is possible to toggle between the two by right-clicking the spell icon.


Spell cost
5Fire rune1Nature rune2Astral rune597
Combo runes
1Nature rune2Astral rune5Lava rune592
1Nature rune2Astral rune5Smoke rune682
1Nature rune2Astral rune5Steam rune1,037
1Nature rune2Astral runeTome of fire572
1Nature rune2Astral runeLava battlestaff572
1Nature rune2Astral runeSteam battlestaff572
1Nature rune2Astral runeStaff of fire572
1Nature rune2Astral runeSmoke battlestaff572


The formula below, assumes you will be tanning 5 hides per spell, buying the dragonhides, nature rune, the astrals, and will be casting the spell with a smoke/lava/fire/steam staff, or Tome of Fire

Hide Hide cost Leather price Profit/Loss per hide
Cowhide (Leather) 147 196 -65.4
Cowhide (Hard Leather) 147 202 -59.4
Green dragonhide 1,675 1,853 63.6
Blue dragonhide 2,039 2,238 84.6
Red dragonhide 2,992 3,273 166.6
Black dragonhide 3,151 3,360 94.6

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