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A Teleport trap is a trap in a player-owned house's dungeon. The trap takes up 2 spots. Players who fail to dodge the teleport trap will either be teleported to the oubliette, if the house owner has one, or to the beginning of the dungeon.

If you have multiple oubliettes then players who fail to dodge the trap will be sent to the one you built last. Players who succeed in dodging the teleport trap will gain 20 Agility experience points.

By pausing immediately before it, and then running to the other side, players may pass the trap in one tick and therefore avoid it. This requires knowing the location of the trap. Initially the trap is undetectable, but after it is triggered it will have an "examine pitfall" right click option. Moreover it may only be placed on a square adjacent to the central 2x2 squares of a room, as shown. Therefore players may traverse the room safely by always using running over squares which may potentially hold a trap.

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