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Start point Quest Talk to the Clay Golem in the ruins of Uzer, east of the Shantay Pass in the Kharadian Desert.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Deep in the desert sand the ruins of the once great city of Uzer, where a lone survivor, an ancient clay golem, forever paces back and forth. It is badly damaged, and its mind cannot rest until it has completed the task for which it was created.

It is up to you to uncover the secret of the lost city, and add the final chapter to a story started in the violence of the Third Age.

Length Medium
Items required
Enemies to defeat None


Getting startedEdit

Golem location

The location of the golem.

The Golem 1

Talking to the golem.

To start this quest travel to the Ruins of Uzer, and speak to The Golem. Offer to repair him to begin the Quest. 

(If you already have 4 soft clay you can skip this step and just use your soft clay on the Golem)
The Golem 2

The mining spot.

The first thing you should do is repair the Broken Clay Golem. If you did not bring your own clay, go northwest and mine four pieces of clay while wearing a bracelet of clay and mine soft clay. While there, you can steal the phoenix feather needed for later. It may take a few tries (depending on your thieving level). Stealing a phoenix feather gives you 26 thieving experience.

As you use the soft clay on the Broken Golem, he will become less damaged and later, repaired. He will tell you that he was programmed to destroy a powerful demon, Thammaron. You need to help him slay the demon. Make sure to ask him how to open the portal.
The Golem 3

The implement, as it's shown on the minimap.

The Golem 4

The location of the black mushrooms.

Enter the temple ruins behind the golem, and climb down the stairs. Pick up the strange implement and a black mushroom located on the north-west and south-east part of ruins respectively. The black mushrooms are scattered everywhere, but will not show up as a red dot on the map.
The Golem 6

the location of Elissa.

Outside the temple ruins near the golem take a letter from near the crates and read it. Then go to the Digsite southeast of Varrock (Opt: you can use gnome gilder to get to the digsite) Find Elissa in the north-easten part of the Digsite and tell her you found a letter with her name on it—she is wearing green/brown robes. After talking to her, go to the Exam Centre and search the bookcases till you find Varmen's notes and read them.

The Golem 7

The Statuette.

Go to the Varrock Museum. Ask the Curator about a missing statuette. Then pickpocket him to get a tiny key. Unlock the display case upstairs to steal the statuette. It is on the second floor, in the first row of display cases closest to you when you first walk up the stairs.

Before going back to Uzer: make sure you have an empty vial, chisel and hammer (for optional gems), pestle and mortar, and papyrus in your inventory.

The Golem 8

The Desert Phoenix, near the clay mine.

Head towards the ruins of Uzer from the Shantay Pass. If you have not already done so, while walking back to the ruins, after you cross the bridge, go north along the east bank of the river to up near the clay mine and grab a Phoenix Feather from the Desert Phoenix.

The Golem 9

The dead demon.

At Uzer, enter the dungeon near the golem and go to the middle. Use the statuette on the empty alcove. Turn all of them towards the double doors to unlock the demon's lair. Go inside to find the demon's skeleton. Use your chisel on the throne to get six gems which you can keep, then go outside and talk to the Clay Golem again. He was not programmed to believe that the demon is dead, so you'll need to reprogram him.

With an empty vial in your inventory use your pestle and mortar on the black mushroom to make black mushroom ink. Use the Phoenix feather on your ink to make a phoenix quill pen, then use it on your papyrus to write a Golem program. Go back to the Clay Golem. Use the strange implement on him, then the program to get your reward.


The Golem reward scroll

Required for completingEdit

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