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Items kept on death
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Tithe Farm entrance

The Tithe Farm entrance. Players must take seeds from the table before entering.

Tithe Farm is a farming based minigame that is located in the Hosidius House in Great Kourend. The minigame revolves around intensively planting special seeds into farming patches, tending them until harvest, and depositing the produce into sacks in order to earn points.

This minigame is safe, meaning you will not lose items on death; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost, as the minigame area is instanced. Players can speak to Farmer Gricoller for information on how to play.

If you leave the area before depositing, you will lose your progress and will have to restart from the very beginning. However, if you log out during a session, your score will remain but planted crops will not be protected.

There are 100 fruits gained as maximum per individual instance. If you deposit only 74 fruits or less and leave, you will get no points either —at most experience— as explained in the Rewards section. Therefore, it is highly recommended to leave only after having deposited 100 fruits. 


Tithe Farm map

The entrance to the tithe farm is on the eastern side of the Hosidius House.

In order to play this minigame, players must have 100% favour towards the Hosidius house in Great Kourend.

There are three types of seeds that can be found on the table near Farmer Gricoller, each requiring specific Farming levels. Players can only take one type of seed, and boosts can be used, but boosted levels must be maintained when planting seeds.

Players will also need a spade, a seed dibber and a watering can (6 to 8 watering cans are recommended).


Tithe Farm

A player tending to several bologano fruit plants.

Once players have chosen the best seed appropriate to their level, they may enter the farm. Players must plant the seeds in empty patches. The plants grow very quickly and need to be watered every time it grows, or it will die shortly. It is recommended to use the 'Humidify' spell in the Lunar Spellbook to refill watering cans. It is also recommended to bring Stamina Potions if not wearing full Graceful.

The plants will take 3 minutes to fully grow; players can double the growth rate by using Gricoller's fertiliser, which is provided when players enter the minigame area.

After the plant has grown players should harvest the fruit and deposit them into sacks. Players will receive an experience bonus should they successfully harvest more than 75% of the plants.

Always remember to have a spade, seed dibber and enough filled watering cans with you for the run(s) you're about to do.

The most efficient way of growing plants is to grow 20 plants at once. This will be the fastest and is also convenient for the amount of seeds you have. Using Gricoller's fertiliser is not recommended due to the fact that it means this method cannot be done. Using this method will gain the player about 65 points and 90k experience per hour. Unless you're able to be very quick and flawless, it is not recommended replanting the seeds after harvesting the old fruits after doing a run. It is important to be remembered, that for every fruit that dies, you will lose around 4% points relative to your maximum potential amount of points, even though you only lose 1 fruit (1%). This is because of the mechanics of how the Tithe farm point system works.

Growing plants 20 at a time requires full focus, a solid connection, little margin for error and can sometimes be quite stressful. If you fail too frequently you will get too many blighted plants, in which case it would be more efficient (and more relaxing) to do runs with fewer seeds per run. This also makes it easier for the seeds to be replanted right after harvesting the previous cycle, if you decide to go that route. There are a couple of ways you can do runs with less amount of seeds used:

  • You can do 5 16-seed runs and as the last one you will do one 20-seed run. This makes it easier for replanting the seeds right after harvesting on the first 5 runs.
  • You can also do 4 17-seed runs and 2 16-seed runs at a time if you're afraid you will lose fruits on the 20-seed run (or 2 18-seed runs and 4 16-seed runs). This however makes it more difficult if you plan on directly replant the seeds after harvesting.
  • An alternative way of doing it —to ensure you will lose no fruits, even with minor/moderate lag— is to do 5 runs of 14 fruits at a time, and then finish off with 2 15-fruit runs. This is particulary recommended for players with a bad internet connection or if the player wants to allow time for a quick distraction or diversion during the runs. Whether you want to replant the seeds directly after harvesting or not is up to you.


Farmer Gricoller's Rewards

After harvesting the plants, players should deposit the harvest into the sacks found nearby. Depositing harvests will reward players with points and farming experience. It is worth noting that the player may deposit fruits in any amount - you don't have to deposit all 100 at a time.

You may plant and harvest a total of 100 seeds. Harvesting a fruit provides 6, 14, or 23 experience (for Golovanova, Bologano, and Logavano fruits respectively). The first 74 fruits deposited will each give 0 points as well as 60, 140, or 230 experience per fruit (10 times the harvest amount). The next 26 fruits (fruits 75-100) deposited will give 1 point and double experience per fruit (120, 280, or 460 experience). In addition, reaching 75 fruits will give result in bonus experience of 1,500, 3,500, and 5,750 (250 times the harvest amount) for respective fruits.

The total experience earned per batch of seeds (100 fruits) is 9,660 for Golovanova seeds, 21,140 for Bologano seeds, and 37,030 for Logavano seeds. To calculate this, let P be the harvest experience for the tier of seeds used (6, 14, or 23). 100 x P experience is received from harvesting, 74 x 10 x P from the first 74 fruits deposited, 26 x 20 x P from the last 26 fruits deposited, and 250 x P from the bonus. The sum gives 1610 x P.

Wearing the full farmer's outfit will also boost experience from depositing fruit by 2.5%, bringing total experience per 100 fruits deposited to 9,901.5, 21,668.5, and 37,955.75 respectively.

Players can only have a maximum of 1,000 points.

Rewards Points required Notes
Compost Compost 1 Reduces chance of crops becoming diseased while growing throughout the plant cycle and increasing the minimum and maximum number of crops received upon harvest. The supercompost version is more potent.
Supercompost Supercompost 5
Grape seed 5 Grape seed 2 A tradeable seed that can be planted in the Vinery to harvest grapes.
Bologa's blessing Bologa's blessing 1 Converts 1 grapes into 1 Zamorak's grapes per scroll when harvesting them from the Vinery. Purchasing this requires a one-time payment to Bologa for 75,000 coins while wearing an item affiliated to Zamorak.
Farmer's strawhat Farmer's strawhat 75 A piece of the farmer's outfit. Appearance differs between genders.
Farmer's jacket Farmer's shirt Farmer's jacket/shirt 150 A piece of the farmer's outfit. Jacket is obtained if male, shirt is obtained if female.
Farmer's boro trousers Farmer's boro trousers 125 A piece of the farmer's outfit. Appearance differs between genders.
Farmer's boots Farmer's boots 50 A piece of the farmer's outfit.
Gricoller's can Gricoller's can 200 Holds 1,000 doses of water. To recharge Gricoller's can, it costs 1 point for every 5% (20 points if completely empty).
Seed box Seed box 250 Stores any six types of seeds.
Weeds Auto-weed 50 When enabled, weeds no longer grow in your Farming patches. This doesn't remove weeds that have already grown there, but it stops them from growing back.
Once purchased, the ability can be turned on and off freely.

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