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One of the most common trees in RuneScape.

Trees are the most common scenery in RuneScape. They are chopped down through the Woodcutting skill and can be turned into a fire through the Firemaking skill. Trees can be cut down for logs to cut into unstrung bows or crossbow stocks through Fletching. They can also be cut down to be turned into planks at the Sawmill operator, north-east of Varrock, but this is for members only.


Main article: Woodcutting

Trees can be found almost everywhere in RuneScape, and they are the first training method of Woodcutting. A player only needs level 1 Woodcutting and an axe to chop down a tree. For each set of logs a player collects from a tree, the player gains 25 experience towards their Woodcutting skill. This is the only type of tree, besides the Achey Tree, that always gives only one log when cut. Once they are cut, the log can be sold to players on the Grand Exchange, traded, burned using the Firemaking skill, or fletched using the members-only Fletching skill.


Main article: Firemaking

A player only needs level 1 Firemaking and a tinderbox to turn a normal tree's logs into a fire. Doing so earns the player 40 experience towards their Firemaking skill.


Main article: Construction

A tree can be built in the garden of a player-owned house. To do so requires 1 bagged tree, a watering can, and level 5 Construction. When planted, it earns the player 31 experience for both Construction and Farming skills.


Main article: Fletching

Logs from normal trees can be cut into arrow shafts at level 1 Fletching (granting 5 Fletching experience), shortbows at level 5 (granting 5 XP for unstrung and another 5 XP for stringing), and longbows at level 10 (granting 10 XP for unstrung and another 10 XP for stringing).

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