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This article is about the type of Farming patch. For the locations of tree patches, see Farming/Patch locations#Tree patches.

Wood trees are trees which are meant to be cut for their wood. Various trees can be grown using the Farming skill, although they also grow naturally all around Runescape. The necessary seeds to grow them must be obtained from bird nests or other sources, added to a plant pot filled with soil, watered, and then transferred to a tree patch. Level 15 Farming is needed to start planting Oak trees, the lowest requirement to grow a wood tree, and level 75 Farming is needed for the coveted Magic trees, the highest requirement to grow a wood tree. Sources of seeds may be found in the Farming skill guide or at the tree seed page.

Fully-grown trees will be choppable by the player that planted the tree granting him logs according to the kind of tree that was planted at the patch. Logs have various uses, including being used as material for the Fletching skill as well as the Firemaking skill.

To plant a new tree the old one needs to be cleared from the patch. This can be done by chopping it down and digging up the roots or by paying the farmer to remove it.

Like bushes, most of the experience gained in the Farming skill is from checking on the tree's health, not in planting it or chopping it down.

Note: Saplings and trees do not need watering.


Picture Tree Seed Level Exp for planting Exp for checking Exp for Chopping Growtime Result Gardener Price
Oak tree Acorn 15 14 467.2 37.5 3 hours 20 minutes Oak logs 1 basket of tomatoes
Willow tree Willow seed 30 25 1,456.3 67.5 4 hours 40 minutes Willow logs and Willow branch 1 Basket of Apples
Maple tree Maple seed 45 45 3,403.4 100 5 hours 20 minutes Maple logs 1 Basket of Oranges
Yew tree Yew seed 60 81 7,069.9 175 6 hours 40 minutes Yew logs 10 Cactus spines
Magic tree Magic seed 75 145.5 13,768.3 250 8 hours Magic logs 25 Coconuts

Optimal methods of travelEdit

Full list of all patches and closest teleports can be found here.

Fast Fairy rings access guide can be found here.

Note: Remember that many of these methods of travels have various requirements so do click on their links to know more about the requirements and additional useful information.

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