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Troll Stronghold Route
Location on World Map
Ice Path
Troll Stronghold Trollheim Wilderness

Trollheim is the tallest mountain in RuneScape. It is located right to the east of entrance to the Troll Stronghold.


All methods of travelling to Trollheim require at least partial completion of the Troll Stronghold quest.

Agility shortcutsEdit

Trollheim has at least 4 Agility shortcuts, which vary in required Agility levels from 41-64 to be climbed.



Many quests involving trolls are also involved with Trollheim:


  • Trollheim is a possible reference to the Norwegian valley, Trollheimen. But since 'heim' means 'home' in Norwegian and German, Trollhome seems more likely.
  • Every troll, or cities made by trolls have the names dialected into Norwegian. This is likely because they live at the top of Gielinor and Norway is at the top of Europe.
  • Some of the rocks (not the ones you can climb) have amusing examine texts. One reads "It's a troll! Run! No, wait, it's just a rock" and another one reads "These make great pets."

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