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The TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store is located in TzHaar City. It is located east of TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store. The store is run by TzHaar-Hur-Tel. The store sells obsidian weapons and equipment for varying amounts of Tokkul.

If Karamja gloves 1 or better are equipped while trading with this shop, the prices of all items is reduced by around 13.3%.

If Karamja gloves 1 or better are equipped while selling items to this shop, item value increases by roughly 2.3x the normal buy amount. For example, obsidian capes can be sold to the store normally for 9,000 tokkul each. However, if the gloves are equipped they can be sold for 21,000 tokkul each. The shield is another good example, being normally sold for 6,750 each. When gloves are worn, the shield can be sold for 15,750 each.


Items can only be bought with Tokkul. Items sold here also are traded for Tokkul.

Item Number
in stock
sold at
Toktz-xil-ul Toktz-xil-ul 500 375 1,412
Toktz-xil-ak Toktz-xil-ak 1 60,000 301,233
Toktz-ket-xil Toktz-ket-xil 1 67,500 180,244
Toktz-xil-ek Toktz-xil-ek 1 37,500 92,324
Toktz-mej-tal Toktz-mej-tal 1 52,500 203,931
Tzhaar-ket-em Tzhaar-ket-em 1 45,000 186,952
Tzhaar-ket-om Tzhaar-ket-om 1 75,000 194,275
Obsidian cape Obsidian cape 1 90,000 388,774

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