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The TzHaar City is a city located underneath the volcano on Karamja. It is the home of the TzHaar Fight Pit and TzHaar Fight Cave minigames, as well as the currency of Tokkul.


The TzHaar City features several different native inhabitants of the volcano, known as the TzHaar:

None of these monsters are aggressive. Be warned, the TzHaar-Mej and TzHaar-Hur may call for help from other TzHaar when attacked. It is dangerous to attack those two monsters, as the entire city is a multi-combat area.

According to non-attackable TzHaar non-player characters (such as shop owners and bank minders), the TzHaar-Mej are advisors and certain ones are the leaders of the city, the TzHaar-Xil are the hunters, the TzHaar-Hur are the architects and the TzHaar-Ket are the guards of the TzHaar race.

All of these monsters drop Tokkul, but sometimes they will drop various items that can be obtained from the weapons shop.

There are several dead-ends guarded by non-attackable TzHaar-Kets. When asked why players cannot pass, they are told that it is because the TzHaar citizens do not trust them enough to permit them further into the city yet. This may mean that these areas will become accessible in future updates, just as Dorgesh-Kaan (the city of the Dorgeshuun cave goblins) was made accessible when the Dorgeshuun council decided that they trusted outsiders enough.



Lava Forge

The following places exist within the TzHaar City:

Note: The shops will not accept coins as currency; only Tokkul. If players sell any items to the shops, they will also receive Tokkul in return, instead of coins.
Additionally, there are Sulphur vents scattered all over the city which can be used as Ranges to cook food on.

Music UnlockedEdit

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