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The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content:

Official Jagex Sources


A new continent known as "Zeah" released in Early 2016 and is set to be updated in a '3-phase' system

  1. Great Kourend is the principal content of Phase 1. 
  2. Phase 2, as mentioned by Mod Mat K on the newspost Old School in 2016, is described as: "The second phase of Zeah will revolve around raids. These raids will scale depending on the amount of people in your party and their levels ensuring that it is always a challenge. You will explore the caverns of Zeah and fight new bosses with unique mechanics which mean you must work with your team to defeat them."
  3. Phase 3 information is forthcoming.

Zeah RaidsEdit

Raids are an upcoming PvM content that can include up to 100 players.

Raids are long and players must pass through challenges and fight groups of monsters leading up to the bosses. The players can bring their own equipment and supplies in, but if their supplies run out, they must use the environment to collect more. Some of these skilling zones can and will be dangerous for players. A few of the skills involved include Fishing, Herblore and Thieving.

More information will be given out at RuneFest 2016, and is to be released around November as stated Mod Ronan on Twitch stream on 17 August 2016.

There have been six confirmed raid bosses. Drops include the elder maul, elder wand, dragon thrownaxes, dragon swords, new prayers, Dinh's Bulwark, Dragon claws, Ancestral robes, the Twisted bow and buckler, the Dragon hunter crossbow and Dragon harpoon. Initially, Raids were to give the elder maul, elder wand, dragon thrownaxes, prayers and three new sets of armor: Twisted/Elder Armour and Kodai Robes, which would serve as degradeable best-in-slot power armor. However, the three armours did not pass the polls, and concerned with the lack of unique Raid items, designed and created more Raids rewards.

These rewards included Dinh's Bulwark, a 2-handed shield, Dragon claws, Ancestral robes, the Twisted bow and buckler, the Dragon hunter crossbow and Dragon harpoon, and were shown to players. They were later added onto a new raids poll to decide if they should be allowed in-game, along with the original raids armour. All of the new items passed, but the original raids armour did not.

Raids Summer Summit teaser

Fossil IslandEdit

During Runefest 2016 Fossil Island was announced. Details on Fossil Island will be released during the first months of 2017.

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