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The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content:

Official Jagex Sources


A new continent known as "Zeah" released in early 2016 and is set to be updated in a '3-phase' system

  1. Great Kourend is the principal content of Phase 1. 
  2. Phase 2, as mentioned by Mod Mat K on the newspost Old School in 2016, is described as: "The second phase of Zeah will revolve around raids. These raids will scale depending on the amount of people in your party and their levels ensuring that it is always a challenge. You will explore the caverns of Zeah and fight new bosses with unique mechanics which mean you must work with your team to defeat them."
  3. Phase 3 information is unavailable but will include other updates in Zeah.

Zeah RaidsEdit

Raids Summer Summit teaser

Raids was teased on RuneFest 2016. Initially, Mod Ronan stated that Raids would be released around November, but this date was pushed back to 5 January 2017 by players who wanted to make sure the update would be at its finest.

The Zeah Raids are known as the Chambers of Xeric, where up to 100 players can participate in a raid attempt, though the optimal setting is a team of 5. It will take around 1 hour to complete a raid with the recommended settings, and is scaled to the team's stats.

The involved skills include Herblore, Thieving, Hunter and Fishing, with other skills being potentially included into it. Part of the Chambers of Xeric was released on a tournament world on 8 December 2016 to 12 December 2016 to test out the Chamber of Xeric's randomizer to ensure that it was working smoothly.

There are several bosses and a "final boss" of sorts at the end of the raid. Such bosses include Tekton and Vespula as "minibosses" that would be fought along the way to the final boss. Various boss monsters were teased to the players such as concept arts. There were six known raid bosses; it is unknown if there will be more then that, which were teased through concept arts and designs.

Initially, the unique rewards for completing the Chambers of Xeric were the elder maul, elder wand, dragon thrownaxes, dragon shortswords, new prayers, insignias, and new best-in-slot tank/power armour. The insignias were later scrapped after a majority of the players did not like them. The new armours did not pass either, so Jagex developers had to think up of new rewards to make sure Raids would not be dead content.

As a result, they created another set of rewards, such as Dinh's bulwark (a 2-handed shield), dragon claws, ancestral robes (different from the previous polled magic armour), the Twisted bow and buckler, the dragon hunter crossbow and a dragon harpoon. Another poll was issued in addition to the repolling of slightly tweaked armour that had not passed the initial poll. The new items passed while the reworked armour failed again, so the raid's rewards will include the rewards that passed both polls.

Fossil IslandEdit

During Runefest 2016 Fossil Island was announced. Details on Fossil Island will be released during the first months of 2017.

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