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These official patch notes are copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from this Patch Notes Archive.
These Patch Notes were announced on 9 May 2013.
  • We've fixed the following bugs:
    • Empty essence pouches that were being fussy with which types of essence they would accept will take all types once again.
    • A cutscene in A Tail of Two Cats has been fixed.
    • A patch of ground near the Observatory no longer pushes you off it.
  • The following items voted for on the content poll have been implemented:
    • F2P-style worlds are now available for subscribers who wish to play without members' features.
    • If you log out or disconnect in the TzHaar Fight Cave during a wave, you will now automatically restart that wave when you log back in.
    • Yanni Salika will now sell you another bone key after completing Shilo Village so that you can revisit Rashiliyia's tomb. The key can now be added to the keyring.
    • Rohak will now sell you another rock cake after completing his section of Recipe for Disaster.
    • The Slayer gem now has a right-click option for checking your progress.
    • Number input boxes now understand "k" = "thousand" and "m" = "million".
    • You are no longer locked into the action when smithing at an anvil, so you can walk away at any point, and your run energy will restore while you smith.
    • Your prayer points and other stats are now restored when you leave Castle Wars.

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