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Verac's armour equipped

A player wearing a full set of Verac's equipment.

Verac the Defiled's equipment is obtainable from the Barrows minigame. Completing the Barrows minigame does not guarantee players will get a Barrows item. The set requires 70 Defence to wear the armour and 70 Attack to wield the weapon. Verac's set is the only set of Barrows equipment to give a Prayer bonus with each piece. Verac's set is still useful for players who wish to combine Melee and Prayer. The Brassard does, however, give lower defensive bonuses than other Barrows platebodies; its bonuses are roughly on par with a Rune platebody.

Along with Dharok's set and Guthan's set, Verac's is one of the more popular Barrows Equipment. Apart from the usual Defence and Attack bonuses that Barrows sets confer, the Verac's set also provides moderate Prayer bonuses at the price of a marginally lower Ranged Defence bonus.

Set effectEdit

Defiler: Attacks have a 25% chance of ignoring the target's armour, Defence, and any active protection prayers, potentially causing heavy damage.


A player activating Verac's set effect, Defiler.

It is a very popular choice when fighting strong bosses, such as the Kalphite Queen, as her relatively high defense will make it hard for attacks to hit and can help against the second form. It can be used to kill bosses with the minimum amount of combat stats, and is often used by those killing Callisto and Venenatis, as both bosses have very high overall defence. It can also be used to fight many bosses with minimal stats, although it is not recommended and should not be brought into a dangerous PvP situation as it costs a considerable amount to replace if lost.

The set effect is useful for player-killing as it can hit straight through the target's defenses. However, the effect also works on some NPCs that use protection prayers, such as the Kalphite Queen. For this reason, Verac's set is popular when fighting these monsters.


Item GE Price
Verac's helm 200,329
Verac's brassard 210,096
Verac's plateskirt 1,307,911
Verac's flail 167,694
Total 1,886,030

Components and bonusesEdit

When a full set of Verac's and the Amulet of the damned are equipped, the wearer receives an additional +7 Prayer bonus. Thus, it would make +25 Prayer bonus overall, which would exceed Proselyte armour.

Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon MagicDamage-icon Prayer-icon
Verac's helm Verac's helm 0 0 0 -6 -2 +55 +58 +54 0 +56 0 0 0 +3
Verac's brassard Verac's brassard 0 0 0 -6 -2 +81 +95 +85 0 +81 0 0 0 +5
Verac's plateskirt Verac's plateskirt 0 0 0 -21 -7 +85 +82 +83 0 +84 0 0 0 +4
Verac's flail Verac's flail +68 -2 +82 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 +72 0 0 +6
Totals +68 -2 +82 -33 -11 +221 +235 +222 0 +221 +72 0 0 +18

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