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Vigr's Warhammers is a shop that sells warhammers, and is owned by Vigr. It is located in Keldagrim, on the west side of Keldagrim Palace, on the ground floor, and is labeled on the map as a sword shop.

The shop stocks warhammers ranging from bronze to adamant. Strangely, rune warhammers are not available.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Bronze warhammer Bronze warhammer 5 61 17
Iron warhammer Iron warhammer 4 224 10
Steel warhammer Steel warhammer 3 832 196
Black warhammer Black warhammer 3 1,274 401
Mithril warhammer Mithril warhammer 2 2,158 791
Adamant warhammer Adamant warhammer 1 5,356 2,252

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