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Bronze warhammerIron warhammerSteel warhammerBlack warhammerWhite warhammerMithril warhammerAdamant warhammerRune warhammerDragon warhammer
Primary type Crush
Secondary type None
Speed Monster attack speed 4

The warhammer is a type of slow and heavy, but powerful one-handed melee weapon that employs the crush style of attack. On monsters weak to crush attacks, the warhammer can pack a real punch - scorpions and most spider variants seem to go down quickly with a warhammer, as do dust devils.

One of the drawbacks of warhammers is their trade-off of higher damage for a lower attack speed. Because of this, most players choose to use maces since they hit faster and have a small prayer bonus.

Players can buy a variety of warhammers from Vigr's Warhammers in Keldagrim West.

Warhammers are an uncommon sight among most players, even in F2p worlds, as they are seen as inferior weapons by most players, who choose either faster weapons such as the scimitar or mace, or more powerful weapons such as the Two-handed sword. However, it still holds its place for those who prefer high damage while still boasting the defence bonuses of a shield.

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