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Warriors' Guild
Camelot White Wolf Mountain Heroes' Guild

The White Wolf Mountain is a natural region in the Member's only area. It acts as a mountainous border between Taverley and Catherby, and as a borderline between the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Kandarin. Once a player has completed the Fishing Contest Quest, a tunnel that travels underneath the mountain becomes accessible. This tunnel features cart station that leads to Keldagrim. The tunnel proves especially useful to low-level players due to the dangers encountered while traversing the mountain pass. 


Throughout the White Wolf Mountain, level 25 and level 38 White Wolves roam about, aggressively attacking low-level players. A single level 73 Big Wolf also lurks about, proving extremely deadly to some. Also to be found are high-level Ice Warriors and Ice Giants that guard the entrances to a dungeon that plays a crucial role in Heroes Quest. A Gnome glider is located at the center peak of the mountain, but it is only accessible to players after they have completed The Grand Tree quest. There is a Mithril grapple Agility shortcut located at the entrance of the mountain (when coming from Catherby) that requires 35 Strength, 35 Ranged, 32 Agility, and the completion of the Fishing Contest quest. This shortcut, however, can only be used when travelling from Catherby to Taverley.

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