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White Knight equipment (also known as white equipment) is a group of weapons and armour that are member's only. As their name suggests, the equipment is white. To wield White Knight equipment the player must have completed the Wanted! quest, and have at least 10 Attack to wield weapons and 10 Defence to wear armour.


To obtain White Knight equipment, a player can either buy items from Sir Vyvin in the Falador Castle or trade with another player. However, buying white equipment from Sir Vyvin will depend on your White Knight ranking.

Knight RankingsEdit

In order to increase your ranking and unlock equipment items, you must kill a certain number of Black Knights.

  • Novice - 100 Black Knights killed - unlocks chainbody and platelegs
  • Peon - 200 Black Knights - dagger and shortsword
  • Page - 300 Black Knights - med helm, plateskirt and sq shield
  • Noble - 500 Black Knights - mace, Magic staff and longsword
  • Adept - 800 Black Knights - full helm, platebody, kiteshield, armoured boots and gloves
  • Master - 1,300 Black Knights - 2h sword, halberd, scimitar, warhammer, battleaxe and claws

White equipment offers the same bonuses as black weapons and black armour, except for a slightly higher Prayer bonus. sometimes higher level players wear this armour to show off their high rank as a white knight. (wearing the platebody, platelegs, kiteshield, and maybe the full helm, along with a dragon scimitar or abyssal whip.)



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