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Wildy agility course map
Location on World Map
Ice Plateau Wilderness Agility Course Pirates' Hideout
King Black Dragon Lair

The Wilderness Agility Course (labeled on the world map as "Agility Training Area") requires level 52 Agility to enter. A temporary Agility boost (e.g. with an Agility potion or Summer pie) is sufficient to enter the course; however, level 49 Agility is required to use the obstacles. It is one of the fastest Agility experience gaining methods. Its only problem is the location in level 50-56 Wilderness. Training here can be dangerous, and the course can be difficult to get to.Beware of bringing Graceful equipment here; it usually is not protected, and you can't retrieve it if PKed! There are Skeletons roaming around the course, but these are only level 25 and should not do much harm. It's recommended to bring plenty of food such as cakes and energy potions. The easiest method to get to the course is to use either the Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells teleport to the Ice Plateau, but if this is unavailable, use the Ardougne teleport lever behind the castle or the Edgeville lever south of the bank, which teleports to Deep Wilderness east of the Mage Arena. In the Wilderness, a knife is needed to slash a web to exit the peninsula with the teleport lever. After slashing the web, it is recommended to go south to the fence before traveling west to the entrance of the Agility dungeon. This route avoids the northern side of the Mage Arena which is a popular PK location. After dying, bank to obtain Ardougne teleport runes, steal some cakes, and quickly return to the course using the Wilderness teleport lever. World hopping may help to avoid PK-ers.

At best, a player can get about 45k Agility experience an hour, although while levelling 34-37k xp/h is normal, due to failing some obstacles. This experience per hour is much faster than the Falador Agility Course, which maxes out at 26,800 experience per hour.

Wilderness obstacles
Obstacle XP Notes
Obstacle pipe 12.5 Cannot be failed. Requires 49 Agility.
Ropeswing 20 Can be failed, which will send the player down to the Skeleton dungeon below.
Stepping stone 20 Can be failed, players will not be sent down. You can only fail on the third stone. 21.6% of remaining Hitpoints will be deducted.
Log balance 20 Can be failed, which will send the player down a level. You will fail only at the beginning of the log. If you go past the starting point, you will not fail.
Rocks 0** Used to finish the course and get the bonus; cannot be failed.

**Note: You will NOT get the bonus unless you've completed every obstacle first. If you fail an obstacle, you must go back behind and redo it (with the lava steps you are put behind); otherwise, you will get 0 XP for climbing the rocks. If you do every obstacle, you will get 499 XP.

Total 571 XP

It is possible to fall on the ropeswing and the log. If the player fails these obstacles, they will be placed in a small dungeon with 4 bones spawns and several skeletons. The ladder to escape is in the north-eastern part of this dungeon. The stepping stones can be failed as well, but failing these will only send players to the side of the ladder, deducting 26.6% (rounded down) of players' remaining Hitpoints at the same time. Even at 99 Agility, it's still possible to fail an obstacle. 571 Agility experience is received per lap.

A perfect lap of the agility course takes about 40 seconds.

A good method is to bring runes or tablets for Bones to Peaches, as you have a renewable source of food from the bones.

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