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This article is about the witch in Edgeville's guardhouse. For the witch in Draynor Manor, see Witch.
Invasion plans
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Release date 11 July 2013 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Edgeville guardhouse
Sells items? Slayer equipment
Gender Female
A witch who likes chaos - she looks dangerous!
Krystilia location
Krystilia chathead

Krystilia is a non-player character found in Edgeville's jail north-east of the bank. Players can speak to her to change their respawn point to Edgeville for a one-time fee of 5,000,000 coins. When spoken to, she expresses her love for magic and the Wilderness, and claims the guards locked her in the cell for trouble-making.

In addition, she is a Slayer master who assigns the player monsters found within the Wilderness. Once assigned, players can only kill monsters found within there. Before being assigned a Wilderness task, she will warn you that she will assign any monster regardless of your combat level.

Assignments from Krystilia have a separate task completion counter to standard assignments. Players will have to complete four Slayer assignments to begin earning Slayer reward points. Although Wilderness Slayer tasks are counted separate, players cannot have a regular and Wilderness slayer task at the same time.

Completion of a task assigned by Krystilia will grant:

  • 25 points per task
  • 125 for every 10th
  • 375 for every 50th
  • 625 for every 100th
  • 875 for every 250th
  • 1,250 for every 1,000th

Useful teleportsEdit


Out of all possible tasks, only Spiritual creatures require a Slayer level. In addition, the locations will only list those found within the Wilderness.
Monster Amount Combat Level Slayer Exp Location
Ankou 40-130 86 70 The Forgotten Cemetery


120-250 69-137 70-139 Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
Bandit 78-120 22, 34, 130 27, 37, 159 Bandit Camp
Bear 15-100 19, 21 25, 27 West of the Graveyard of Shadows, south of Western Ruins
Black demon 104-144 172 157 Edgeville Dungeon
Black dragon 8-60 227 199.4 Lava Maze Dungeon
Chaos druid ??? 13, 129 ??? Edgeville Dungeon, Chaos Temple
Dark warrior 72-124 8, 145 17, 181.4 Dark Warriors' Fortress
Earth warrior 77-129 51 54 Edgeville Dungeon
Ent 37-60 101 107.5 Forests north and east of the Chaos Temple
Fire giant 108-200 86 111 Deep Wilderness Dungeon
Greater demon 111-199 92 87 Demonic Ruins, Lava Maze Dungeon
Green dragon 76-98 79 75 West of Dark Warriors' Fortress, north of Graveyard of Shadows, south of Lava Maze, south-west of Bone Yard
Hellhound 80-200 122, 127 116 North-east of Deserted Keep
Ice giant 106-156 53 70 Frozen Waste Plateau
Ice warrior 113-150 57 59 Frozen Waste Plateau
Lava dragon 40-60 252 248 Lava Dragon Isle
Lesser demon ??? 82 79 South of the Demonic Ruins, near the muddy chest in the Lava Maze, inside the cage leading to the King Black Dragon Lair
Magic axe 77-112 42 45 Magic axe hut (Bring a lockpick!)
Mammoth 78-119 80 130 West of the Chaos Temple
Rogue 77-120 15, 135 17, 125 Rogues' Castle


15-99 14 17 West of Air Obelisk, Scorpion Pit, Lava Maze (King Scorpions)
Skeleton 15-100 22, 25, 45 29, 17, 59 Southern Wilderness Mine, South-Western Wilderness Mine, Bone Yard, Edgeville Dungeon


15-100 27, 34, 64 2, 32, 64 North-west of Lava Dragon Isle, south of Callisto, Eastern Ruins, Edgeville Dungeon, Lava Maze Dungeon (also by the King Black Dragon Lair lever)
Spiritual mage 130-200 120-123 75, 85, 106 Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
Wilderness demi-bosses 3-35 202 225 Chaos Fanatic: West of the Lava Maze
204 235 Crazy archaeologist: Western Ruins
225 260 Scorpia: Underneath the Scorpion Pit
Wilderness bosses 3-35 470 312 Callisto: South of the Demonic Ruins
464 388.8 Venenatis: East of the Bone Yard
454 312 Vet'ion: North of the Bone Yard
  1. Only assigned to players who have unlocked the Watch the birdy ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points.
  2. Scorpia and her offspring also count.
  3. Venenatis also counts.


  • Prior to an update on 13 April 2017 that made Krystilia into a slayer master, she had no name, and was simply known as "Witch" in-game.

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