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Xerician robes equipped

A set of Xerician robes, presumably worn by Xeric himself.

Xeric was an evil wizard from Zeah who was responsible for the creation of the lizardmen.

Little information is available about Xeric. It is known that he was a malevolent king who reigned Great Kourend. According to Killing of a king, a text found in the Arceuus House Library, it is written that a coup d'état was attempted, which succeeded in killing Xeric.

However, it was quickly discovered that Xeric had moved his spirit from his mortal body into a corporeal one, allowing him to gain massive power and emerge victorious from the battle against the soldiers.

Because the text states he reigned Great Kourend for a hundred years, it is assumed that he had achieved immortality in the way that resembles the way residents of the Arceuus House do so.

It is also known through Amon Ducot's book, transportation incantations, that Xeric had greater knowledge of teleportation spells than other wizards in Zeah, due to the supply of law runes being extremely limited compared to the mainland. This is reinforced by the talisman he owns, allowing him to instantly travel around Great Kourend.

Because of the method in which he achieved a corporeal form, it is not known if he is still alive today, or killed via other means.

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