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Xeric carving

A carving depicting a stylised representation of Xeric.

Xeric was an evil wizard from Zeah who was responsible for the creation of the lizardmen. The lizardmen honour Xeric as a great king.

Xerician statue

A weathered statue depicting an ancient Xerician priest. The examine text implies that it is possibly a statue of Xeric himself.


Not much is available about Xeric. It is known that he was a malevolent king who reigned Great Kourend.

The Arceuus wizard Ektheme suggests that Xeric is actually King Shayzien VII, as Shayzien VII was fascinated with the Dark Altar. He was later killed in the Battle of the Concourse, and his body was never recovered. A few days after the battle, Xeric appeared and had a similar appearance to Shayzien VII.

According to Killing of a king, a text found in the Arceuus House Library, it is written that a coup d'état was attempted, which succeeded in killing Xeric. Xeric's commanders, the Vanguard, had tried to protect him but failed, fleeing for their lives.

However, it was quickly discovered that Xeric had moved his spirit from his mortal body into a corporeal one, allowing him to gain massive power and emerge victorious from the battle against the soldiers. As the text states he reigned Great Kourend for a hundred years, it is assumed that he had achieved immortality in a way that resembles the way the residents of the Arceuus House have. Due to this, it is unknown if Xeric is still alive or truly dead, as he has not been seen for a long time.

It is also known through Amon Ducot's book, transportation incantations, that Xeric had greater knowledge of teleportation spells than other wizards in Zeah, due to the supply of law runes being extremely limited compared to the mainland. This is reinforced by the talisman he owns, allowing him to instantly travel around Great Kourend.


Sometime after his exile, Xeric and the rest of his followers traveled west to Mount Quidamortem, where his artisan Tekton built a massive underground complex for him to use "cave magic", as Tekton put it. Based on the journals dropped in the chambers, Vasa Nistirio, Tekton, and several other unidentified people had accompanied him. Xeric wished to use the powers in the mountain to return and conquer Great Kourend.

Xeric was pleased with Tekton's loyalty and progress, but became visibly upset when others started using the "cave magic" and ordered him to destroy the temple. Tekton complied and destroyed it, but only slightly in the event that he changed his mind. Xeric later took Tekton underground and imbued him with power.

Xeric had big experiments in the chambers, primarily the use of the crystals similar to those found in the Arceuus House. He used them to create the Muttadiles.

With his works still in progress, the Vanguard eventually found Xeric and repledged their allegiance to him. Xeric treated them with respect; however, this was just a ruse, as when he brought them down into the chambers, he brutally enacted his wrath against them, melting them into lava-like crustaceans.

Xeric and his followers stumbled in a chamber where he noticed a massive rip in time and space. He used his powers to open the rift, but it was too much; it was a two-way mirror where the Abyss saw Xeric and his group and vice versa. A massive demon-like wasp squeezed through the rift and overwhelmed the group, claiming the chamber as its own. Xeric refused to accept defeat and tried to find a way to tame the Abyss' creatures for his own purposes; whether he succeeded or failed is unknown.

He later appointed Vasa Nistirio as his new high priest, but Vasa had gone insane and demanded Xeric to worship him instead. Xeric saw this treason and bound him to the four crystals in the chamber. He then appointed another high priest after the incident.

Eventually, Xeric and his followers encountered a massive beast and defeated it.


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