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Young impling
Young impling
Release date Unknown edit
Hunter Level 22
Experience 20 (Puro-Puro)/65
Location Can be found anywhere.
Trap Butterfly net or Magic butterfly net
Retaliation No
Loot See table
A young impling. It's not fair!

A young impling can be caught using a butterfly net and put into an impling jar. These Implings can be found both in Puro-Puro and the whole of Runescape.

In Puro-Puro, there are guaranteed respawn points halfway along the walls at the four outer edges of the map.

Possible loot Edit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steel nails Steel nails 5 Common 140
Chocolate slice Chocolate slice 1 Common Not sold
Pure essence Pure essence 1 Common 7
Lockpick Lockpick 1 Common 178
Tuna Tuna 1 Common 46
Coal Coal 1 Uncommon 150
Bow string Bow string 1 Uncommon 137
Steel axe Steel axe 1 Uncommon 31
Steel full helm Steel full helm 1 Uncommon 198
Studded chaps Studded chaps 1 Uncommon 439
Meat pizza Meat pizza 1 Uncommon 663
Jangerberries Jangerberries 1 Uncommon 426
Clue scroll (easy) Clue scroll (easy) 1 Uncommon (1/50) Not sold
Mithril bar Mithril bar 1 Rare 846
Snape grass Snape grass 1 Rare 38
Defence potion(4) Defence potion(4) 1 Rare 585
Yew longbow Yew longbow 1 Very rare 705

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