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Zulrah is a level 725 solo boss. The only way to get out of Zulrah's shrine is through victory, death or teleportation.

Note: Should you die in the fight with Zulrah, Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig will hold all of your items that were not protected upon death, making the fight extremely safe. However, if you die anywhere a second time without returning to her to reclaim your items, all items she was holding from your first death will be lost.

General StrategyEdit

When fighting Zulrah's serpentine form (green), it will only attack with ranged, so use Protect from Missiles. When facing his tanzanite form (blue), use Protect from Magic; while this form can also attack with Ranged, it will usually use Magic instead. Zulrah's magma form (red) attacks with special melee, which can be avoided, so you do not need to use Protect from Melee.

Note: Players cannot tick eat through Zulrah's attacks, as he will deal damage above the player's health.

The form in which Zulrah switches to after the first (green) form will decide his behaviour for the rest of the kill. The legacy behavior most will be familiar with (pre-update) is the following: Zulrah will switch to the red Melee, and then the turquoise Magic, and retain his original fighting style. Zulrah can now also switch to the green Ranged or turquoise Magic form immediately after his beginning form, indicating he will use the post-update techniques.

If Zulrah's second form is green: Zulrah will spawn an additional cloud of smoke to the east during his Melee form (red), thus making no safespots whatsoever on the east side of the island. The player should make their way to the west side of the island where one location will not have smoke. In addition, Zulrah will also use Melee attacks after spawning the smoke clouds. This form seems to force the player east and west constantly.

If Zulrah's second form is blue: Zulrah will often spawn clouds in a form, and then proceed to attack (instead of the other way around). In this fight, you will also notice a green Zulrah will spawn east and alternate attacks, and the green Zulrah to the west will use strictly Ranged (this is opposite to how Zulrah fights during the legacy style).


Throughout the fight, Zulrah will continually dive into the swamp, sending out a plethora of attacks before doing so. He will then emerge in a different area of the shrine in a different form and resume his attacks.

Even though Zulrah has no melee defence on any form, melee is discouraged as he has a melee damage reduction and halberds are the only weapons that can reach him.

Note: Zulrah will attack for a set amount of time. Before or after his normal attacks, he may throw out poison fumes and summon snakelings. On some phases in each rotation set, he may just summon snakelings, throw venom clouds or both.

Pet snakeling chathead
  • The fight will always begin with the player in front of Zulrah in his green form, and start the battle in the north. Zulrah will not attack the player at all during the start; instead, he lays toxic fumes across the shrine. Any subsequent resets (since he always starts in this form) will result in several attacks before laying toxic fumes. Avoid the toxic fumes that he creates as he fires them around the area. After a short time, he will immediately switch to a different form and begin using abilities and attacks from that form. Zulrah will primarily attack with ranged during this form; however, he will use magic nearing the end of each pattern (and an optional phase in the second rotation which attacks randomly), which can be dealt with via prayer flicking. While in this form, Zulrah is weak to magical attacks.
Pet snakeling (tanzanite) chathead
  • During the turquoise form, he can use both toxic fumes and white orbs, which will summon a Snakeling. The areas that Zulrah launches white orbs will not have any toxic fumes during that phase, so stand in those areas when needed. In addition, Zulrah will randomly attack with both magic and ranged, although he seems to favor magic attacks more often. While in this form, Zulrah gains increased magic resistance but is weaker to ranged attacks.
Pet snakeling (magma) chathead
  • During the magma form, Zulrah will stare at the player's position for several seconds before whipping his tail at that area. If the player does not move away from the targeted area in time, they will be dealt with up to 30 damage and be stunned for several seconds. While in this form, Zulrah gains increased magic and ranged resistance. However, he is still weak to magic attacks. In most typical melee phases, Zulrah will only attack twice with melee before diving down into the swamp.


Snakelings are monsters that Zulrah will summon during the fight via white orbs. Despite their moderately high combat level of 90, they only have 1 hitpoint. However, they should not be underestimated as they are very accurate, can hit up to 15 relatively often, and envenom the player. Snakelings attack with both magic and melee. It is highly recommended to bring a ring of recoil or Ring of suffering (with rings of recoil charges on it) to kill off the Snakelings.

While Snakelings spawn immediately, Zulrah will occasionally throw a white orb and then dive into the swamp. The summoned snakeling will not appear until Zulrah reemerges from the swamp.

If you are hiding from Zulrah and he throws toxic fumes/summons additional snakelings, it is best to kill them off so you will save some food in the process.


Ideally, the best set-up entails using both Ranged and Magic. However, for players with imbalanced stats and for learners, bringing either Ranged or Magic alone is recommended. Since Zulrah is only weak to ranged whenever he is in his tanzanite form, however, it is better off using magic instead.

For banking and teleportation, there are several ways to do so:

  • Teleport to house tablet along with an Ornate rejuvenation pool in the player's Superior Garden can be used to quickly restore stats, then using a Ring of dueling in the player's jewelry box in their Achievement Gallery to bank at Castle Wars or the Crafting Guild, then returning to their house and using the fairy ring (code B•J•S) to reach Zul-Andra. Doing so requires level 76 in Agility, as it is required to cross the stepping stone (Boosts can be used).
    • Those without the agility requirements may use Zul-andra teleport scrolls instead. However, they are very expensive and regular usage is not recommended unless the player can get several kills per trip.
  • Players with lower level Construction can use a ring of dueling to teleport to Clan Wars, restock with the bank chest, and enter the free-for-all white portal to the west to instantly cure venom, restore hitpoints, and recharge prayer upon leaving.
    • Players can also use a Quest point cape teleport to quickly reach a fairy ring. Alternatively, Salve Graveyard Teleports or their magic tablet variants can be used to reach a fairy ring quickly as well. This too requires level 76 in Agility.
      • If the player cannot use the agility shortcut, bring a Camelot teleport instead and run southeast to Catherby's docks and charter a ship to Port Tyras. This will require 3,200 coins (1,600 with Cabin Fever/Ring of charos or 800 with both).

Zulrah's PatternsEdit

Zulrah will always begin as the Ranged (green) form in the middle of the arena, and then the next form determines the behavioral pathway Zulrah uses. There are only four possible patterns, and each are displayed in the image below. Each column in the image corresponds to one of Zulrah's patterns, and each row indicates a step in its particular pattern. The red, green, and blue circles indicate Zulrah's form and position in each step.

Zulrah Patterns

A list of possible patterns in which Zulrah will emerge and release venom clouds.

Where to StandEdit

Following the patterns above, the player should stand in the yellow areas shown in each form, to avoid the venomous fumes that Zulrah will create. There are also several notable areas that you should know about when killing Zulrah.

Zulrah - Melee Safespot

The safespot to evade Zulrah's melee form is in the square highlighted in yellow. The other safe-spot is in the equivalent space beside the other pillar.

First, there are two safe-spots, which can be taken advantage of during its melee form. When you are in those highlighted squares, Zulrah will slam the area in front of him, never looking at the player and allows the player to easily hit him without having to move all over the place. These pillars can also be used to hide from undesired forms. Note that you will need to position yourself accordingly to "hide" from Zulrah; for example, if he appears in the west/east, you will need to hide at the furthest pillar from Zulrah as he will be able to hit you otherwise. If he appears from the north, you will need to place yourself diagonally southwest/east of the respective pillar, and if from the south, two spaces northwest/east of the respective pillars.

Second, on the fourth pattern in the image, Step 7, the location to stand is marked with an arrow to indicate a transition. In order to avoid venom fumes, you must wait before moving in this step since Zulrah created them (Step 6). Once the fumes disappear, you should transition to the west part of the arena.

Jad FormEdit

The second-to-last steps of each pattern are special since Zulrah takes on a new behavior. In the steps marked with RM, Zulrah will attack first with Ranged, then switch to Magic for the next attack. Zulrah will continue to alternate between Ranged and Magic until the next step. On the other hand, the steps marked with MR indicate that Zulrah will attack first with Magic, then Ranged, and alternate afterwards.

For both of these behaviors, it is recommended that protection prayers are switched as soon as you see the projectile emitted from Zulrah. Due to the constant switching of Protect from Missiles and Protect from Magic, this form is commonly known as the Jad form, in reference of TzTok-Jad's attack style.

End of a PatternEdit

Finally, the end of each pattern is indicated by the Back to Start icon. At this point, Zulrah will return back to its initial state of the Ranged form in the middle of the arena, and you should act as you did in the beginning of the battle. Afterwards, Zulrah will choose randomly the next pattern it will follow.

On 15 October 2015, a new phase was added in the second pattern. This phase is marked optional, indicating that this phase does not always happen. If it does happen, Zulrah will appear from the eastern area of the shrine. The behavior of this phase is different from RM/MR phases; rather then attacking in a set pattern, Zulrah will randomly attack with either style in no set pattern (like its tanzanite form). Since it is in its serpentine form, it is weak against magical attacks during this time. However, if the player does not want to deal with this form, they can simply hide behind the west pillar and wait for Zulrah to dive back into the swamp, as the fight will resume as normal after this phase.

Note: If you take too long to kill Zulrah (typically after four or five minutes), Zulrah may appear in the north in his Serpentine form, attacking randomly with both ranged and magic.

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